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School Garden Kids

April 29th 2016   Since as a mother it’s my #1 aim to cultivate the legacy of a *relationship* between my son and daughter, I collect evidence they get along like nuggets of gold.   So I enjoyed spying on them … Continue reading

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Gavin’s Grandma Z Dance

Monday, May 2nd 2016 Having turned 8, Gavin’s birthday gift from Grandma Z & Grandpa Jack in Florida is the promise of a *trip* to go VISIT them this summer… by himSELF! He took it pretty hard.  Look: 2016-05-02 Gavin’s … Continue reading

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Portland Mini-Vacay Getaway

April 20-22nd 2016 After my gig north of Boston on Wednesday, I met my family at the local train station as they had brilliantly commuted there so as to begin our “Vacay” sooner than later.   Bam.  In less than two … Continue reading

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Another Way to Say It

Friday,  April 22nd 2016 At Rise: The Oberhauser Four are pulling into the seaside town of Old Orchard Beach, ME.  The literate-minded soon-to-be 8 year-old Boy is snickering at the name of an ice cream n’ candy store,  “Dickenson’s.” Gavin:  … Continue reading

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It’s a Attitude

Wednesday,  April 20th 2016 On the road to Maine for a quick little family getaway -or “Vacay!” as ClaraJane calls it- she announces the imperative proclamation of any child in her predicament;  “I’m BORED.” “OK darling,” I say, being one … Continue reading

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Going Mad

Wednesday, April 20th 2016   So disappointed at the New York primary elections this morning, where Hillary Clinton *SUPPOSEDLY*  “won” New York by a lot, defying predicted indices and reeking of corruption and typical Clinton manipulation.  Explaining the state of … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block by Marie-Emanuelle Hartness

Saturday, April 16th 2016   Marie Emanuelle-Hartness is a talented film maker and I was honored to perform in her latest film, Writer’s Block, and then to finally screen it at the 2016 Boston International Film Festival.   Here is the trailer: … Continue reading

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