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DAYTIME – A Poem and a Creed

Monday, August 2nd 2021 DAYTIME. DAYTIME! Day. Time. Is NOT. What. Hanging out. On SCREENS. Is. For. *Unless. *UNLESS you are ACTIVELY (meeting a responsibility) (or helping someone, or) CREATING SOMETHING! . *

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Friday, May 7th 2021 Simply too fun not to share. (And too short not to watch!) . UNMASKED & ENTITLED at NORDSTROM RACK [0:36]: .

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AT RISE: Sharing is Caring

Friday, April 2nd 2021 . AT RISE: Girl is sitting at Boy’s desk. Boy is standing next to her. They are engrossed in Minecraft on the computer. Kitten is along for the ride. BOY: [Snags a couple oyster crackers from … Continue reading

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Boomers Got the Vax by SNL

March 28th 2021 . Boomers Got the Vax – SNL [3:29]: . “Hm. Good for me!” It’s funny because it’s (sad but) true. .

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2021 CPAC National Anthem – No Key Left Behind

March 2nd 2021 . Astonishing. Breathtaking really. Here is how our national anthem sounds at a Nazi Superspreader event. See for yourself. . CPAC National Anthem FAIL by larry goldings [2:22]: . And believe it or not, this next guy … Continue reading

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You Don’t *Censure* People for Inciting Insurrection that Kills

Saturday, February 13th 2021 . McConnell: ‘That guy whose acquittal I just orchestrated is guilty as hell!’ Pelosi: .

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Condo Times: January 2021

January 28th 2021 I don’t know if it’s ever easy being a condo board member. Making this newsletter for example, was -to me- a lot of work. But it was still the easiest part of *this* day on the board! … Continue reading

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Un-Installing tRump

Wednesday, January 20th 2020: Biden-Harris Inauguration Day . . For realz, this is what I woke up to today: . . Pinching myself. And saying; “BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” 👋

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400 Lights, 400,000 Lives

Tuesday, January 19th 2020 Biden-Harris Inaguration Eve . . I was unprepared for such a display of dignity, class, caring, recognition, commemoration, grief, honor, hope, beauty… and determination. *

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Farewell Trump Love Randy Rainbow

Tuesday, January 19th 2020 . I normally dislike anything with his name in it, but when in the form of a heartfelt farewell it doesn’t feel so bad. “SEASONS” OF tRUMP – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody [3:41]: . Randy … Continue reading

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