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Hospital Clowning: Good Night Lights

Thursday, January 31st 2019 As I head to HASBRO Children’s Hospital in Providence RI today, I wanted to share this piece about a most wonderful tradition there.  See! How The City Of Providence Comforts Sick Children [2:03]:    More about … Continue reading

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The Terminal Gate

Friday, January 18th 2019 NOTE:  Contemplations on the end of life written before six flights scheduled in 10 days, and posted after completing all of them safely, FWIW!   Maybe I’m a little afraid today, but not much.  I’ve been … Continue reading

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Hospital Clowning: Touchdown Dance

January 30th 2019   In light of the upcoming Superbowl between New England Patriots and LA Rams, Boston Children’s Hospital created a touchdown dance challenge in this one-minute video featuring two of my team mates, Dr. Bafu & Doc Skeeter.  Personally I couldn’t … Continue reading

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(Hospital) Clowning: Figure Skating Clown

  Kinda annoying that a figure skater on a lark is possibly a better clown than I’ll ever be.  What a wonderful find, from the 1998 World Professional Championships. Kurt Browning – Clown Figure Skating Routine [5:37]:     On a … Continue reading

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ClaraJane Sings with Mamma in Atlanta

Saturday, January 26th 2019 TFW your daughter joins you on stage at the juggling convention to sing not once but TWICE. 2019-01-26 ClaraJane and Mamma Dream a Little Dream [1:58]:   2019-01-26 ClaraJane and Mamma Wanna Be Like You [1:52]: … Continue reading

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CircusKitchen in the Sky

Friday, January 25th 2019 OMG I am on internet in the sky.  As if the very miracle of flight weren’t enough already, I am now also ONLINE and blogging IN REAL TIME.  I know this has been a thing for … Continue reading

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At Rise: One Roller Skate, Unstuck

Thursday, January 24th 2019   AT RISE:  Packing for the juggling festival weekend, ClaraJane is cruising around on one roller skate. ClaraJane:  Mamma?  Can you help me find my other roller skate? Mom:  Yes honey.  I know where it is, … Continue reading

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