(Hospital) Clowning: Figure Skating Clown


Kinda annoying that a figure skater on a lark is possibly a better clown than I’ll ever be.  What a wonderful find, from the 1998 World Professional Championships.

Kurt Browning – Clown Figure Skating Routine [5:37]:



On a related note, here is the only other comedic ice skating performance I know about (from 1992!):

Figure Skating Cold Open – SNL [4:34]:


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2 Responses to (Hospital) Clowning: Figure Skating Clown

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Take a look at this one…

  2. Wow GOOD ONE Mom! I should have known T&D did a comedy routine; I just never knew about it before. Just watched it w/ the ankle biters and we all LOVED it. TY!!! xoxo

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