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Please Mr. Underwriter, Please

Find a way! So… because rent was crushing us, earlier this year I determined that my #1 goal this year was to lower our housing costs. Well, it’s been a challenging journey and a demanding experience so far, but -POSSIBLY- … Continue reading

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GOP Tampons

In the absence of time to blog the stuff from my own actual life I want to, I can at least share this must-see GEM from this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live! GOB TAMPONS: [1:08] 1418195 NEWSFLASH!  SNL is doing … Continue reading

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Welcome Sherman

We are proud to announce the arrival of a new, beautiful, healthy baby stuffed animal; Sherman the (No Longer Sad) Dog. My sister weathered the birth beautifully.  Being a mid-wife, she is really good at this. Here for all immortality, … Continue reading

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First SchoolBus Ride!

Ubiquitously, I continue to have a surfeit of Priceless Material and a dearth of Time.  So much of what I actually capture in this blog is Luck of the Draw.  (Nearly countless milestones in just the past two weeks!)  Yet … Continue reading

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Mom I Was Thinking

GAVIN (at the dinner table, eyeing his sister): Mom?  I was thinking.  We should have only ONE kid in this flamly.  And it should be ME. (Paul and I look at each other.) GAVIN (continues):  Eeny miny MOE! Catch a … Continue reading

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