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Hella Hull – Amanda “Gets” Crabs

Friday, August 11th 2017 2017-08-11 AMANDA GETS CRABS [2:34]:   #Amanda  #SisterWeekend #Hull #HellaHull #Crabs  

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Orangeocalypse Update

Early August 2017 U.S. Politics right now…  a breathtaking Sh*t Show! This two-minute synopsis of Hair Chump’s attempted “Theme Weeks” conveys exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end of his administration’s dearth of moral values, integrity or … Continue reading

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Gavin & Improv Camp

July 28th 2017 In order to attend Improv Camp as planned, Gavin had to come home from a last minute trip with his closest cousin Miles.  He was so mad he gave me the SILENT treatment for a whole night. … Continue reading

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Fire Face

July 12th 2017 That time I inadvertently lit my face on fire for the amusement of my family. 2017-07-12 FIRE FACE [2:04]: ♥ #fire juggling  #Skyline  #Sanjay  #Arjun  #Bruce  #Anita  #face on fire

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Persisting 101 with Queen Elizabeth

Resistance Summer 2017 Persisting 101 with Elizabeth Warren [6:03]:

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Forbearance wtf?

July 5th 2017 Of the many things I saw around Bristol RI for the 4th of July Parade yesterday, I was also struck by the stillness and radiation of calm exuded by the Falun Dafa people. According to their display, their … Continue reading

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Independence Day U.S.A.

July 4th 2017 Of all the images that struck me amid my 4th of July peregrinations this year, I believe the most poignant was this troupe of African American dancers (no photo).  Amid the thousands of us preparing to march … Continue reading

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