About CircusKitchen

Hi and welcome!

The purpose here is to document our family, keep in touch with loved ones, collect images to treasure,  focus my writing, acquire a new skill (blogging itself), pursue immortality, profit from assured fame & fortune and most of all regale you with humorous anecdotes and titillating witticisms.

Passions include family, loved ones, performing, managing my business*, promoting my career*, photo and video editing, organization, communication, animals, gardening, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and finding adventure in every day life, not least of which being “the Sacred in the Mundane.”

Please enjoy.

In love and work,  Jennifer

PS:  The moniker “CircusKitchen” comes from my being a professional juggler and my husband a chef; voila.

*PPS:  My passions do not include managing my business and promoting my career.  I was really kidding myself on those.  See thesecretjuggler.wordpress.com.

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