At Rise: Go Create

Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Part of our kids’ “Non-School Morning Routine” includes the directive to “GO CREATE!”

AT RISE:   The two kids come up to mommy working at the computer at the dining room table.

Gavin:  Um Mamma?  For “Go Create” today is it okay if CJ and I work on something together?

Mom:  Sure honey, that sounds great.

[Gavin and ClaraJane are head down the hallway together, giggling.

Mom:  Hey!  What are you two giggling about?

Them:  [Continuing down the hall.]  (Giggle giggle.)

Mom:  Hey!  What’s so funny!

Them:  [Disappearing around the corner.] (Giggle giggle!)

Mom: [Hollering down the hallway]  I’m more scared than happy about you working on this together you know! 

Them:  (Giggle giggle!)

[Later:  Gavin and ClaraJane reappear.]

Gavin:  OK for our “Go Create” today we made up names for you and Daddy.  [Turns to his sister.]  You say it.

CJ:  No you say it!

Gavin:  OK, Mamma; you are GROUCHO MARXIMUS.  Because you’re grouchy, but you’re funny!

Them:  Ha ha ha!

CJ:  And Dadda you are SIR TALL STINKS-A-LOT!

delete groucho marx

Them:  Hee hee hee.

Mom:   Gee thanks kids.  That’s just great.








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My New Crush: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

July 1st 2017

del alexandria ocasio cortez.jpg


What a way to start off the 2nd half of this horrific year, with a win by this spunky young self-styled Democratic-Socialist from the Bronx, upsetting an old moldy Democrat in Congress.  Booyah!

‘This is the beginning’: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Victory Speech [3:46]:

I love her.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez:  Trump Isn’t Ready For A Girl From The Bronx [5:56]:

I love her.


Ocasio-Cortez: I’m upset by Trump’s Disrespect [7:04]

I love her.


And I love that her fans found out her brand of lipstick, which then SOLD OUT immediately.


del Alexandria Ocasio Cortez lipstick tweet

I love her.


She’s so energetic, passionate, articulate, relatable, easy on the eyes and most of all she brandishes a moral compass pointing in all the right places:

“No one should be too poor to live.”

~ Alexandria Ocasio Cortez




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Pre Baby Boy MNOOKM Party

Sunday, July 1st 2018

On this glorious Sunday my sister, mom & I found our families available to hang out.  Perfect timing before the pending arrival of Baby MYSTERY BOY!

2018-07-01 Pre-Baby Boy MNOOKM Party [1:19]:


My only regret:  I was so busy aiming the camera at kids I failed to aim it at Grandma Baba Bubble Wow.  Sorry Mom!

Love you all!
Can hardly wait to meet my Baby Nephew…



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Southern Momma for the DA-EY

June 25th 2018

Hey Sis!

I’m ’bout to drop yer baeby off at the medical conference.   This how y’all do it?

Souther Momma’s First Day of School Car Line [2:37]: 


Lemme know al’raght?!?

Love you!!


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To Circus Camp with Gavin

Sunday, June 24th 2018

Also Cousin Dawson’s second day with us!

2018-06-24 TO CIRCUS CAMP WITH GAVIN [1:36]:



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Dawson’s First Day With Us

Saturday, June 23rd 2018

Amidst all the horrible news, something delightful this way comes;  my nephew from Little Rock.  Thank you Sister Joye!

2018-06-23 DAWSON’S FIRST DAY [28 seconds]:


More to  come… (o;


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Randy Rainbow to the Rescue Again

June 21st 2018

Since there is absolutely no way to summarize everything that is going on, let us worship at the comedic altar of Randy Rainbow’s perfectly appropriate eloquence:

WTF YOU GUYS – Randy Rainbow Song Parody (NSFW) [4:21]:



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