Early Voting Week

Monday, February 24th 2020

del early voting

It’s early voting week here in Massachusetts and I am humbled and awed that I have another chance to vote for my Bernie.

After the horrific catastrophe of 2016, my daughter would still wish on a dandelion and say; “I wish Bernie Sanders was President.” 

Because I didn’t want to quash her sentiment, I didn’t try to hard to explain that the election was over.  But I also didn’t anticipate how far and deep the well of Bernie’s passion, conviction and morals –fueled by the Movement he’s inspired– would bring us.

I’m so thankful my little daughter –whose age has doubled in these four troubling years– never gave up hope.   And neither will I.


PS:  To my loved ones in the Orange Cult;  SOCIALISM IS NOT DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM.  Your fear of “Socialism” is a result of brain-washed worship of FOX “News” and your fossil-fueled portfolio.  Yet I still believe in you!  I believe that you have more intelligence and compassion than that: for the poor, for people different than you, for people less privileged than us, for the PLANET we all share, and for the FUTURE of my CHILDREN!!   How’s about you vote as if my children’s lives depend upon it!?!  THEY DO.


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Dick Van Dyke Feels the Bern

February 23rd 2020

Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie Sanders for President [1:58]:


“I think somebody younger like Bernie is just a perfect candidate.” ~Dick Van Dyke


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Camping: Savoy Mountain Cabining

February 20-22, 2020


2020-02-20 Savoy Mountain Cabining [2:36]:



And for an encore, lunch with the incomparable Cousin Olivia.



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Activism: Listen to Mary

February 20th 2020

My sister Amanda shared this gem from my indomitable five year-old niece, Mary:


MARY 5 😊

You heard the lady.

Trust me you do NOT want to disappoint her.

I only say this for your own good.

Go on then!



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Crazy Bunny Diaries Meets Camping

Thursday, February 20th

“Mom you take a picture like that almost every trip we take.” ~Boy


Until now, the strangest thing I have brought camping with me is my wedding dress. But that worked out great because I got to kiss my husband on our tenth wedding anniversary against a stunning sunset backdrop.

In this case, it’s a rabbit.

Bun has decided to ride out this trip ass backwards. (In a diaper.)

It is February Break from school and naturally we are going camping (but in a cabin because it’s winter and we’re not masochists we’re still creatures of comfort).

Thankfully our friend Peter Panic is minding our regular fleet of five lazy, low maintenance beasts.

But little Boom Boom here is neither of those things, and in good faith I can neither leave a house sitter in the company of a frenetic Live Manure Spreader, nor leave lil’ Boo-Boo in a cage for three days.

Not to rub it in or anything but I seem to be the only one around who can like, catch this rabbit and wrestle him into little diapers made out of old socks.

All it comes down to is that for better or worse I am just a Crazy White Lady who took responsibility for this little life and for now I’m minding it no matter what.

He’ll just have to adapt to cabin life for a few days. And avoid the wood burning stove.

Aw look. He’s adapting already.

Bun turned his bum around.


To be continued.



Road trip con Rabbit.


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CJ + Kitten

Thursday, February 20th 2020

Aw. These two.


My heart.

Kitten gets a little extra love -and a Personal Bubble Show- before we leave for a few days.



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Take Your Daughter to Work Juggler Style

Wednesday, February 19th 2020


(My “permanent” lipstick does the best it can after I’ve blown up 100 balloons.)


OK I can die happy.

I don’t want to bragg or be immodest but I must share what happened to me today because I imagine it is something few parents get to experience.

So I had a gig today -my juggling show- at our exquisite local Main Branch Library in Cambridge MA.  More than that, my daughter (8½ y/o) opted to come with.  In fact she put her hair up like mine and performed a song with me too (“Wanna Be Like You”).  And although we had agreed she could sneak out into the library stacks if she wanted, she opted to stay for the whole show.  (In fact providing a little side show of bubbles for a small child herself, without even creating any disruption.)

Afterwards, once everyone left, she looked at me and said, “WOW.”

“Oh?” I say.

Then she said, “I respect you!

Keflumpt, I stammer, “Oh, because of managing all the people and everything?”

She nods.  “AND you have to do it multiple times!”

(She is right, albeit just not today, thankfully.)

“I TOTALLY understand if you take a nap after this.”

(Something I rarely do, but probably should.)

Then later, once we pack up, say goodbye to everyone, drag all the gear back to the car, load it up and get in, the car door closes with a definitive “thunk.”  She must have noticed that satisfying contrast of finally being OUT from all the noise of the gig, and INSIDE the quiet and comforting chamber of the car.  She reaches over, rests her hand on my arm and wordlessly guides us both through a deep cleansing inhale and exhale.

“Thank you,” I tell her.

“Thank YOU,” she says.

“Good day honey?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she nods, “EXHAUSTING day!”

“I know,” I say, “My show is exhausting to watch.  I get that a lot.  Um… can I take your picture?”

“Yes,” she says, “But no blogging.

“OK,” I say, [click]. “You want to see it?”

I show her the picture and she says, “OK fine you can blog it.”



Stunned and exhausted girl.




Lucky, Lucky Mom + Magical Daughter



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