Voices of Syria


Voices of Syria [5:17]:


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The Water Bill

Also August 18th 2016

And when I went to pay our WATER BILL, this pittance of a fee for the unfathomable privilege of having clean potable life giving water ON TAP, ANY temperature, ANY time, as MUCH as we want… I wept.

2016-08-18 15.52.38-1


Never thought I’d weep over a truly modest utility bill.  Fine I’m a total weirdo.  But as I understand it, human blood is comprised of about 83% WATER.  It’s literally our LIFE BLOOD.  ON TAP.  In our town there are numerous places it is spewed into the air all summer long for pleasure.

I still get teased by my east coast mother and my midwestern husband for my California drought-inspired water conserving ways.  (And have been ridiculed severely by others in the past.)  And yet now -this gives me no pleasure to say- water scarcity is HERE.  In NEW ENGLAND.  They are rationing water on Cape Cod like we rationed gas in the 70’s.  And just this week 30 miles west of Boston I found myself in a town with a water BAN.  All the counselors and children dutifully managing everyone’s personal water bottle, like we should (instead of the nonstop dumping of plastic bottles).

Colorado is in a drought crisis, California is so dry that much of it is literally on FIRE, and meanwhile Baton Rouge Louisiana has been completely flooded away.  Climate Change is TOTALLY happening all around us and we have an entire Republican Party what refuses to acknowledge it lest environmental restrictions cut into PROFITS.  And neither of our main two presidential candidates show any prospect whatsoever of conducting themselves as stewards of the planet.


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.43.06 AM


#StillSanders  #BernieForever  #SenateMajorityLeader  #OurRevolution

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The Little Boy from Aleppo

Thursday, August 18th 2016

His name is Omran Daqneesh.

2016-08-19 06.58.06


Here is the Daily Mail news report:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3748180/Wounded-Syrian-boy-harrowing-image-shocked-world-breaks-reunited-parents.html?ito=social-facebook:  

Here is a video: Little boy rescued from the rubble in Syria [2:30]:



2016-08-19 06.59.56


Just yesterday I wrote that this blogsite is a little slice of heaven I’m leaving my kids.  True. Yet my idea of heaven is not one wherein we blindly ignore the plight of so many so less fortunate than us.

Not at all.


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Upworthy Robbery at Knifepoint Guy

August 2016

In the face of too many horrors about the world I arguably shouldn’t be reading, this blog is the little slice of heaven I leave my kids.  Here ya go kids, another beautiful, amazing thing:

He was robbed at knifepoint and handled it in a most unusual way [2:44]



And courage is the means.


compassion is more important than fear

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CircusKitchen Camping Catalogue

THIS IS A LOG, A WORK IN PROGRESS, FOR REFERENCE INTO PERPETUITY, so our flamly can speed-dial up the stories, photos & videos from our camping experiences.  Our first year (2013) we went ONCE.  The next year (2014) we went ONCE.  Last year (2015) we went THRICE.  This year we are on pace to go 5x!  With a prices between $8 and $16 per night at state parks… we will surely break the bank any century now.

PS:  Also Happy 7th Anniversary to my one and only Manmeat.  So far so good Wove!!!!!!!

1) August 2013:   Wells State Park, Sturbrudge MA 

2013-08-29 First Time Camping – Wells State Park (MOVIE)


2) August 2014:  NH Mile Away Camp, Suncook NH



3) May 2015: Wompatuck State Park, Hingham MA

2015-05-24 Food-Beach-Food

2015-05-25 Camping Wompatuck State Park (MOVIE)


4) September 2015:  Otter River State Forest

2015-09-06 Why Are Dry Frogs Called Toads

2015-09-07  Seven Year Old Transformation

2015-09-07 Camping Otter River State Forest (MOVIE)

5) October 2015:   Clarksburg Camp in Western MA (group of 16)



6) May 2016:  Myles Standish State Forest MA  (group of 19)



7) June 2016:  Lovell’s Island, Boston Harbor

2016-06-29 Meet Lovell’s Island

2016-06-29 The Face That Broke My Internet

2016-07-01 Lovells Island MOVIE 


8) August 2016:  Bumpkin Island, Boston Harbor

2016-08-10 Camping Bumpkin – Ferryboat Fairies

2016-08-10 Swing Low Lyrics

2016-08-11 Camping Bumpkin – Ahoy Daddy

2016-08-11 Bumpkin Island Bumpkins

2016-08-11 Mighty Daddy Bumpkin

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island Escape

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island MOVIE


September 2016:  Rhode Island

October 2016:  Mohawk Trail, MA



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ClaraJane’s Sleepover with Bubble Wow

August 15th 2016


Today is the day of a much anticipated sleepover for ClaraJane with her beloved Bubble Wow.

2016-08-15 15.10.09-1

They’re OFF


And it is perfectly delightful.

2016-08-16 04.40.01


Thank you Bubble Wow!

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Bumpkin Island MOVIE

August 12th 2016

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island Camping [6:13]:



2016-08-12 11.50.53-1

CJ’s Fairy Garden




boston island formation




















boston-harbor-islands map

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