AT RISE: Mother Daughter Bedtime

Friday, December 6th 2019

mother daughter kitties.jpg


AT RISE:   It is bedtime and Mom and ClaraJane are settling down after a lot of horseplay, giggling and nonsense.  They are snuggling as ClaraJane reads Harry Potter (#6!) in bed.

Mom:  ClaraJane I need to tell you something.

CJ:  [Stops reading.]  You love me?

Mom:  [Mouth agape, incredulous.]  How did you know?!

CJ:  It’s not exactly a secret.

Mom:  [Nods in agreement.]  Fair point.

CJ:  [Resumes reading.]


M:  ClaraJane there’s something else I have to tell you.

CJ:  [Stops reading again.]  What is it?

M:  You’re a terrible person!

CJ:  I know.  [Resumes reading again.]

M:  You don’t even care, do you?

CJ:  Yeah I don’t!



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OHIO Visit – Thanksgiving 2019

November 27th-30th 2019


2019-11-30 OHIO Visit with Oberhausers & Fincks [5:25]:


*      *      *      *      *  

2019-11-29 FARMHAUSER Night at Pete & Anna’s [3:07]: 



*      *      *      *      *  


2019-11-29 Grandpa’s Class Act Kids [2:18]:

*      *      *      *      *  


2019-11-29 Gavin’s Gun Training with Uncle Pete [1:02]:


*      *      *      *      *  

2019-11-30 Woodbridge Tree Farm [2:18]:



*      *      *      *      *  


See also:  2019-11-29 STORY TIME – Grandpa Paul’s Greatest Hits [pending]:



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OBERHAUSER STORYTIME with Grandpa Paul 2019

November 29th 2019

TOP: Sue and Paul BELOW L-R: Jesus, Anna, Sue, Jane, “Little” Paul, Paul Sr., Janelle, ClaraJane, Joseph, Gavin, Roger, Alicia, Pete, Jackson, Daryl (photo by Jennifer)


Lordy the man can talk.  Does he have some good stories though!

So go on; empty your bladder, grab a snack and get comfy ‘cuz this is gonna take a while.

      *       *       *

We pick up this story during a blizzard which took place during Paul’s senior year in high school, in November of 1953.

2019-11-29 STORY TIME – Grandpa Paul’s Greatest Hits [1:16:00]:

[Production Note:  No apologies for the quality of the spontaneously generated video.  It is what it is; priceless!]


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Yoga Suggestions for GrownUp Babies Like Me

Some offerings to perhaps help coax someone (I don’t know who)… onto the mat for a change:

For “Reducing Anxiety:”

Yoga Poses for Reducing Anxiety

For “Reducing Anxiety”


“Hip Openers:”

del hip openers for beginners.jpg



For “Back Health:”



For “Hip Flexors:” 

del yoga hip flexors.jpg



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Church on Sunday

Sunday, November 24th 201

On Sunday I return home from my gig to our beautiful (affordable!) condo in the former “Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary” to find;

– Dear Hubsand in the kitchen researching how to fix the leak in the shower,

– Dear Daughter practicing typing on her Chromebook,

– Darling Boy researching places he might be able to invest in a parcel of *land* where he can be himself (you know, test out the latest crossbows he made and stuff like that),

– And the occasional odd fur baby sauntering through.

I pinch myself and want to ask; (cue David Byrne): “WELL, HOW DID I GET HERE?!”

But my mamma taught me not to question miracles.


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Cascade of Health Care Bills – A Tiny Tale of Bureaucratic Nonsense, Grit, Gratitude and Plain Luck

Friday, November 22nd 2019


These many papers…


This afternoon I get another surprise: 19 identical envelopes in my mailbox.   Medical bills.  Each for $25.

This is bullshit.  Miraculously I have some time so I start ripping them open.  They are for doctor visit co-pays for some ongoing treatment one of us has been receiving over the past year and a half.  I didn’t even know we had co-pays for the treatment, much less why the bills would cascade all at once.

I call the phone number listed on the bills and try making sense of them as I wait to get through.  Long story short, the Health INSURANCE Company –Tufts Health Plan– just processed all of these bills recently for some reason.  So they paid our provider –Cambridge Health Alliance -their part.  Then the provider passes on the balance -the co-pay amounts- to us.  Nevermind the timing.

As ridiculous as this is, the truth is; the service we receive is totally worth it.  And we are lucky enough that $475 is not going to break us right now.

So before I’m even off the phone, I’ve paid the lot, and even check and pay all other  balances for everyone in the family.

Our balance is zero.  Bullet dodged.

We are healthy, safe, and with access to medical care should we need it.  Holy crap I never felt so wealthy in my life.

But that EVERYONE could have access to the healthcare they deserve.

Which is of course why we need #HEALTHCAREFORALL.


del medicare

Go Bernie Go.


#ThankYouBernieThankYou… for teaching us what is right and how to fight for it.

He #WroteTheDamnBill


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It’s Open Honey, Go Ahead

Friday, November 22nd 2019


When the children hop off the yellow school bus this afternoon, us moms are still mid-chat.  Rain is pouring down, so ClaraJane starts trying to physically pry me from the conversation.  And because I have the car parked right there on the corner, I say, “It’s open honey, go ahead!”

After parting ways with the moms, I turn around and the car is empty.  I look around and where is she?  I peer inside the little bespoke coffee shop on the corner and see her at the counter.  I go inside just in time to hear the barista say, “OK, hot chocolate?  Small or medium?”

“Medium please,” ClaraJane replies.

“I meant go inside the CAR honey!” I say, “Wow.  My back is turned one moment and you’re ordering HOT CHOCOLATE?”

She starts giggling.  “You said, ‘It’s open go ahead!'” says ClaraJane.

“That’ll be five dollars and eight cents,” says the barista.



Well played, big little girl!

Mom:  0

ClaraJane:  1

Gypsy Place Cafe:  $5.08 (plus tip)


A costly error on my part.  (Imagine; momentary indulgence in grownup conversation, the horror!)  Adorable manipulation on my daughter’s part.  We find a spot by the window to enjoy her cunning coup.  I nod to a deep gratitude that we can afford this random indulgence, and marvel at the priceless joys of parenthood.


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