UkeOke: Oh Opossum by Jenny the Juggler

Monday, March 1st 2021


Hosted a show today (TBA), and wrote a song about oh, opossums.

Here it go. (o:


2021-03-01 Oh Opossum by Jenny the Juggler [2:01]:



OH OPOSSUMS by Jenny the Juggler

Opossum oh opossum I think you’re so great

Thank you for all of those ticks you just ate

Some people don’t like you because you eat trash

But you’re so unique that to me you’re first class


Opossum Oh opossum I thought you were small

But today in the exam room you weren’t small at all

You’re bigger than a rabbit, smaller than a pig

And you were so brave that your heart must be big


Wait there’s more

Opossum oh Opossum how did you get here

Your name says Virginia, not Massachusetts dear

Is that why your ears and your tail have no fur

Ya need hat and mittens if you gonna live her


Opossum Oh opossum I think you’re so cute

How could I be scared of someone who eats fruit

I’ve heard unkind folks say you’re ugly or mean

But you’re the best mar-supial that I’ve ever seen

OH… you’re the best marsupial that I’ve ever seen.


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Homeschool Headmistress: Remembering to Practice

Monday, March 1st 2021

ClaraJane practicing cursive.


Today’s parenting triumph in the Distance Learning Environment is *remembering* -finally- that Young Miss has *asked* us to remind her to practice her cursive.

And how.

What are the three things kids need again?

Love, Expectations, Purpose?

Hell I don’t know. I’ve only been a mom for like 13 years or something. I’ll figure it out eventually. Maybe even in this lifetime.

But for these few minutes I revel in her Purpose.

And her prattle.

“Wait, that’s upper case. Why is it upper CASE? And lower CASE? Why would there be a CASE against letters? Letters are the best!  Letters form words, and words are the best. [Pause.] Not violence.”


And just like that, she’s off to her next “meet” for school.

Music for now. Joyful noise. On recorder no less.

And also: “Look!! It’s Mr. Mooney’s cat! His cat’s name is ‘Hamilton.’ Mr. Mooney just. said, ‘Hamilton get off the piano!'”


Mr. Mooney and Hamilton


That’s right Hamilton.

Stay off the piano!


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Adventures in Food: An Offer I Can’t Refuse

Sunday, February 28th 2021


Boy *insists* on making me Breakfast in Bed this morning!

When he first offers, I say “Thank you but I’d rather get up and come be with the family.”

He says, “No I just really like feeding you!”

He brings me his biggest pillow and promises coffee.

I don’t really want to eat in bed OR alone. In fact I’m not even hungry yet.

But obviously I capitulate.



Or cat-pitulate.

Even if it is partly a ploy to keep me occupied so he can spend more time on the computer, it’s very well played.

Talk about an offer you can’t refuse.

Love you Boy!


PS: Yes Gavin prepared everything himself, including the waffles made with the waffle iron from his grandma. ChefDaddy isn’t even here this morning because he’s out… shopping for more food!


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Adventures in Food: Biscuits and Gravy

Wednesday, February 23rd 2021


Chef Daddy calls this, “Biscuits and Gravy.”


It looks like “Chicken and Asparagus” to me, but what do I know?



The kids made “faces” with theirs.


Don’t get me wrong, there certainly was both biscuits AND gravy in this meal.

Or shall I say, biscuits and Magical Sauce.




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ClaraJane’s Marble Roller Coaster

Saturday, February 20th 2021

2021-02-20 CJ’s Marble Roller Coaster [0:26]:



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At Rise: BAD Morning

Saturday, February 20th 2021


AT RISE: It is Saturday morning. Dad is cooking breakfast and Mom is the table. The closed door to Boy’s bedroom is on the other side of the table. The door opens.

BOY: [Emerges from room and dramatically enters family area, glides across the “stage” with an extended thespian arm and bellows in a booming, cartoonish bad guy voice]: ***BAD*** MORNING! MWUAH HA HA HA!!!

MOM: [Jumps up and claps excitedly at the performance.]

BOY: [Takes bow.]


EPILOGUE: Boy comes over to Mom for laughing hugs. Mom says, “Do you accept tips? That was so good I want to pay you!” Boy says, “Sure!” Mom grabs jar of one dollar bills and throws a dollar at him. Reaches for another. It’s a $5. “Wait, I’m not going to pay you a five. Here.” Throws another single.



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Adventures in Food: The Flesh Wound of Omelettes

Friday, February 19th 2021


Gavin was pretty pleased at making his own omelette today, as he should be. He didn’t even fret that a hole was exploding out the side of it. He said; “This is the ‘Just a flesh wound!’ of omelettes!”

“Just a Flesh Wound” of Omelettes


Also this day, Hubsand I escape to a favorite local coffee spot for the FIRST time since quarantine began. (!!)

Look how pretty:


Upon chatting a bit, our barista stopped in his tracks and said, “So your son made his own omelette and then busted out a Monty Python quote? Wow you guys are doing a great job!”


And the snow was so pretty this day it felt like this:


And lest we not forget:

Monty Python & The Holy Grail: “…It’s just a flesh wound…” [2:07]:


It’s just a scratch!

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Just Saying… and Adventures in Food

Sunday, February 14th 2021

It’s worth noting that I am spoiled and also had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

It starts when I run head first into this lovely man, sporting two drinks that are, well, red.

Shucks he even made little hearts out of red peppers. Oh! And grits with poached eggs, bacon and all the fixins.



As if for a special treat, the kids decide to play a video game (Minecraft), together!

Gavin lets CJ use his computer

You know you got a good brother there, letting you use his computer like that.

Somehow “Screen Time” doesn’t seem so bad when it’s a shared experience they’re creating.


Later on, rest assured that “Trying to beat mom in Backgammon” is more fun than it looks like they’re having in this photo:

Daddy & CJ team up against Mamma

Our *home* is even feeling more functional and beautiful than trashed these days… especially if you don’t look at my desk (seen partially covered in the background, next to the “fire” we’re playing on TV lol).


And since I am blogging this on Monday, allow me to share the scrumptiousness “Nurse Paul” just brought me in bed this morning;

Coffee, ibuprofen, and a bowl full of beans with “baked” eggs, grated cheese, avocado, diced onion, ground pepper, Cholula, and toasted Iggy’s sourdough bread. I messed up the presentation by gobbling several spoonfuls before I even thought to take the photo.


I’m fine; just out of shape and threw out my back apparently “breathing while middle aged.”

So I’m in bed like a big baby, with the TENS Unit on.

And also my other nurse on.

Peter Parker reports for duty.


Meanwhile it’s hella quiet in the other room where my kids’ screens are also on.

What can I do but concede.

And remit my gratitude for the innumerable blessings.

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CJ’s Valentine Tour

Sunday, February 14th 2021

ClaraJane waits to give her friend a card


One advantage about losing all your work to the pandemic is more time for the kids.

On this day we manage to drive our daughter around town to bring Valentines to a few friends.

ClaraJane with Lucia, Ofelia and Helene, respectively.


What a striking elixir it is to see actual humans that you know and like, in the flesh.

At one point she even got to join a wild game of “Dress Up.”

It almost feels normal.

Check out this adorable time lapse from Ofelia’s mom.

2021-12-14 CJ Dress Up Time Lapse [0:05]:


I even got to see *my* mom. (We held our breath to take off masks for the photo, lol.)

And my amazing sister Amanda.


Violet wasn’t home, but we got to see her awesome Mom Jenny.

And though I find myself unrecognizably anti-social as a result of this pandemic, this makes me miss other friends we haven’t seen lately too.

I will end here for now before I get overwhelmed thinking about other folks I also miss, or fantasizing about the parties we cannot currently have.

So for now, just Happy Valentine’s Day.

On ice for now.



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You Don’t *Censure* People for Inciting Insurrection that Kills

Saturday, February 13th 2021


McConnell: ‘That guy whose acquittal I just orchestrated is guilty as hell!’



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