My Knuckleheads 😻

Friday, January 17th 2020

I’m flying today, and remembering that the most important part of a trip is –often– What You Leave Behind.

In my case, these koo-koo heads.

Post hot-tub bon voyage dinner at yummy yummy Highland Fried nom nom.

Knuckleheads. Goobers.

What’s in a name.

The infinity I love you

Will always remain!


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Surprise Video Chat with Hubsand

Wednesday, January 15th 2020


Hey Baby check this out…


I don’t remember why he called me, other than Dear Hubsand discovered some video chat functions with his phone.



Um… Baby?

I don’t know what to say…



Oh my. OK!


And then it was time to say goodbye.




OK, thanks for calling My Love!



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At Rise: I Know That

Thursday, January 9th 2019 ~8:30pm


AT RISE:  It is bedtime.   Mom and ClaraJane are snuggling in (ClaraJane’s) bed.

M:  [Lifts head off pillow and kisses CJ’s juicy cheek a *bunch* of times.   CJ is nearly asleep and does not resist.  Then Mom pulls back the blanket to leave.]

CJ:  [Calmly mumbles unintelligibly.]

Mom:  [Starts to get out.  Pauses.]  Oh that reminds me. There’s one more thing.

CJ:  You’re gonna kiss me again?

Mom:  Well, yeah. [Kisses her cheek some more.]. But there’s still one more thing.

CJ:  [Flatly.] What.

Mom:  [Prolongued, whimsical fart.] Pfff-ffff-uuhr-rrrrt!

CJ:  [Unmoved with eyes closed.]  I know that.  You’ve said that millions of times before.

Mom:  Well ok then I guess there’s nothing more to say.  [Gets up and leaves bed.]



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Political Action: Peace Rally Against War with Iran

Thursday, January 9th 2019




On this night, Dear Hubsand and I got our family over to Harvard Square to join the national protest of tRump’s escalation with IranFor a Thursday evening in early January –outside in 23·F degree weather– the turnout is impressive.  It’s important for people in a community to come together and corroborate the truth when they are being wronged, or their leadership is misrepresenting them.  Us.

Yes, the orange menace executed the Iranian general (Solemani) in cold blood.

NO, he has nothing to show to support bogus claims of “self-defense” or “imminent danger.”

And so on.

But it is reassuring to see fellow citizens aware, giving a shit and coming together in solidarity to raise our voices in protest to the fascist policies of the repugnant regime that is the “tRump Administration.”

Here are a couple chants we did:







I was also exposed to the concept that:  SANCTIONS KILL. 

Upon reflection I have realized that is of course true; in the exact way that denial of access to medicine or clean water also kills.


(Now I begin to learn what that means and what is entailed.)

But mostly what I think about are the 250 innocent civilian bystanders who have already lost their lives to this *not-quite-war* escalation;  50 in the funeral procession for a beloved leader in Iran, and 200 on a commercial flight that *seems* to have been *accidentally* shot out of the sky while Iran was politely retaliating our cold blooded assassination with non-lethal -alas symbolic- bombardment of our military bases in Iraq.

Ah and now for the sanctions.

More punitive measures for innocent civilians.

To be continued.


Peace Rally Against War with Iran – Cambridge MA


*** Don’t worry, tRump defenders!  My daughter doesn’t know what “MENDACIOUS AGGRESSIVE DOLT” means.  But then probably neither do you.





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Darling Daughter: Despair and Delight

Friday, January 3rd 2019

That time when Australia is burning and the illegitimate fascist Liar-in-Chief is fomenting war in the Middle East and your house is trashed and your foundations are slipping, but you are a mom and your most pressing concern is your daughter who is inconsolable because she can’t find the item she chose for Show & Tell.

You scour the domicile, bribe your son, and call Daddy at school before abandoning your despondent daughter to what will clearly be the worst day ever… forget hopes of her getting her chin up to face her math work in class today.

Then you’re on the bus and you get a video chat from Daddy… showing a triumphantly EXUBERANT daughter because she FOUND her Show & Tell… INSIDE her backpack… (just where you’d advised her to put in the night before).


(It’s a remote control toy mouse she got for Christmas.)


Daddy signs “I love you” before hanging up, and you finish your commute to work.

And you celebrate that *some* things are well in the world.


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Camping: Frost Mountainview Yurt ~ December 2019

December 27-30th 2019

2019-12-30 Frost Mountainview Yurt Camping [5:12]:


Drawing, Charading, Reading ,and Whittling


Mom tries to get her face together


Sledding forward imperfectly


Ukeoke by an open fire


Let it snow…


🎼Bacon roasting on a wood stove fire…


Hello Goodbye


Thank you Frost Mountain Yurts;

Until next time!


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At Rise: Who Dunnit

Sunday, December 29th 2019

AT RISE: All is quiet in the yurt where The Oberhauser Four are beginning to stir. The morning sun is glinting off the tops of the winter trees visible through the skylight above. Suddenly the peace is sliced asunder by the pronouncement of a thunderous fart.


Gavin: Uuh! CJ!!

CJ: It wasn’t me!

Gavin: Who was it then?!

CJ: It could have been Mamma!?

Mom: I would never do such a thing!

Boy: Yup, it was definitely Mamma.



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