Facets of Fascism

Monday, July 15th 2019

I must confess, I am so genuinely confused. I pursue information and think about what’s going on in this country and planet all the time. And I want to practice nuance, clarity, precision, insight, compassion and historical context. I truly do.

But I just can’t seem to tease apart the racism from the fascism from the unbridled capitalism from the Nationalism from the exploitation of the disenfranchised from the institutionalized pedophilia from the alt-white right conservatism from boldface Christian hypocrisy.

Seriously. It’s all jumbled up together so profoundly and maybe I just need to do what I understand Aaron Sorkin (in a recent New Yorker Radio Hour interview) has done, by no longer trying to parse out the different factions of Confederates from Neo-Nazis etc. etc. (see above), and just “call them all what they are: KLAN.”

It’s as if the devil is actually succeeding in its will to rule with confusion.

At least there are SOME among us who often DO know exactly what to say.

But somehow, some (white Christians) among us are just fine with it.

I may not be able to distinguish all it’s facets, but I know evil when I see it and I am surely committed to fighting it for the rest of my life on Earth, however long that may be.


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Happy ICE Day, America

Sunday, the Lord’s Day, July 14th 2019


On this day –in which the regrettable White House Occupant tweets at American minority Congresswomen to “go back to where they came from” on his way to GOLF in Virginia,  ICE RAIDS are coming… to separate and deport brown targets around the country and terrorize their families.

This on top of ACTUAL concentration camps (according to Holocaust scholars anyway) our government is operating at the border.


What I want to know is when will the so-called Christian members of our family stop pretending this swamp creature and his administration are Christian?” 


As you do to the least of my brothers you do to me.


And BTW:  Saying racism and Gestapo and concentration camps  have “ever been thus” is just a bullshit copout to do NOTHING and go back to enjoying your privileged life.

Which will END soon enough so what kind of legacy are we going to leave here??

I hope they DO write him into the f*ing book.  I’m sure it would be “The Best.”


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ClaraJane’s BDay Sleepover (!!)

Weekend of July 13th-14th 2019


Time is carved out and the stage is set.


What an absolute honor and delight hosting these three extraordinary young ladies.  Even if they did wake up and restart the party at… 3am.  At least they let me sleep until… 5:53am.

lol emoji


2019-07-13&14 CJ BDAY SLEEPOVER [2:53]: 




Mini Pedis. (o;




DOGGOES!!!  (aka:  Scout, Lexi & our heart, Malcolm)




Third Grade Triple Threat in Triplicate


Watch out World, here they come!

But first:


And…. SCENE.



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Minnesota Pops – July 2019

July 5th-9th 2019


_______________❤️ DAY ONE (Friday): Into the Club. ❤️_______________


2019-07-05 MN day ONE [0:50]:














______❤️❤️ DAY TWO (Saturday): Club Life, and Uncle Chris._____

Top L to R: “It’s a BOY!” / Mighty Boy

Bottom L to R: The Kids Are Alright/ Mighty Mom

2019-07-06 MN Day TWO. [1:20]:




❤️❤️❤️ DAY THREE (Sunday): Golf, Pool, & Great Aunt Judy!

2019-07-07 Daddy Tees Off [0:40]:



2019-07-07 Aunt Judy! [0:52]:



❤️❤️❤️❤️ DAY FOUR (Monday): Lake Minnetonka & CJ BDay.


2019-07-08 MINNETONKA POPS [1:56]:



2019-07-08 CJ’s Almost 8th BDay w/ Pops [0:36]:



❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ DAY FIVE (Tuesday): Walker Museum & Farewell

2019-07-09 Walker Museum [1:36]:





Thank you Pops, for everything!!


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Politics with Pops and Chris

Tuesday, July 9th 2019

del 41694611-a-cartoon-donkey-and-elephant-political-characters-.jpg


AT RISE: Paul and the kids have left Jennifer, Pops and Chris in Pops’ office to finish their heated political debate about –among other things– the crazy idea of Healthcare-for-All  in the 2020 presidential campaigns.

Pops: My view, myself is; I’m much more effective in making policy changes when it’s done incrementally.

Jennifer:  Understood.  And, with respect, my view is; shoot for the stars and maybe you’ll hit the moon.

Chris: Or… maybe you’ll crash and burn.

Jennifer:  Good talk!


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Walker Museum, Minneapolis

Tuesday, July 9th 2019

What a treat to finally indulge in this Minneapolis treasure; Sculpture Park and yes, Mini-Golf on the roof.

2019-07-09 Walker Museum [1:36]:

BE The Art!

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CJ Swims!


2019-07-06&7 CJ Swims! [1:10]:


2019-07-09 Keeping CJ from the Pool [0:20]:

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