Randy Rainbow Faves

A modest collection of a few of our favorite Randy Rainbow hits, although there are so many it’s hard to choose.





And just because I happen to be writing this on the day of the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle (May 19th 2018), here is Randy Rainbow’s catty diva fan fic from William & Kate’s wedding 7 years ago:




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Randy Rainbow Live in Boston with Gavin

Thursday, May 17th 2018

For Gavin’s 10th birthday I gave him tickets to see RANDY RAINBOW LIVE!



It was awesome, thrilling and wonderful and we had NO idea we would get to meet him afterwards.  He was so gracious, generous, funny and delightful.  I love him so much!!!


Not to mention his unique and wonderful political satire is the very best and most therapeutic rain in this desert of sh*t coming out of the Tweetin’ Cheatin’ Cheeto Administration.

As he says, “You gotta laugh about all this stuff.  Because let’s face it, we’re all gonna die; it’ll be fine!”

Thank you Randy Rainbow!!!


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Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Sunday, May 13th 2018

With deepest empathy for all who may not be as deeply blessed right now as I am in this moment, I nonetheless apologetically unapologetically share my greatest joy.



I always say “The best moments happen off camera.”  But I guess sometimes they also happen ON.  #Kerflumpt


Furthermore, after my gig, we made it down to Plymouth for some dogs and family.

2018 05 13 MOTHERS DAY WITH BOHARTS! [55 seconds]: 





2018-05-13 17.46.20




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First Grade Progress

Saturday, May 12th 2018

After all the storm and stress of No Progress and Spaghetti, I receive this additional report from ClaraJane’s assistant teacher:

2018-05-12 08.35.34.jpg


That she has been afraid to raise her hand is a topic that has bewildered me for some time, for no other reason than I cannot -as of yet- relate to it myself.  So although our exploration here has only begun, this is a wonderful sign already.

Hooray ClaraJane!

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Parenting: No Progress Report

Friday, May 11th 2018

face palm mom

After much to-do about each of the kids’ Weekly Progress Reports -aka: “Smiley Face Chart”-  it’s Friday and they each come home empty handed.  After all the discussions, supportive questions and encouraging reminders etc.,  it’s finally Friday.  I’m literally baking cake to celebrate what I’m confident has been a solid week of successful effort on their parts and… nada.

“I forgot to use it this week,” says my daughter.

Every day?” I ask incredulously.  Like, even all the days we actively discussed it?

I can’t even.

I don’t want to listen to excuses.  I make her write me a statement instead.

2018-05-11 I'm Sari Mommy Love CJ.jpg

I’m so sari mommy i hop you can frgiv me it’s jast i’v bin havin a lot of othr aktivties and hardli ane wok tame this wik.  LOVE CJ     (C+M)


Gracious.  Obvs I can’t stay mad.   Fortunately I’m stay calm anyway.   (Used noise canceling headphones to avoid interacting instead of listening to excuses or yelling at them.)   But it’s time for the lecture I’ve been cultivating for a while.



See: The Spaghetti Lecture


“Can I go on the computer Mom?” asks my son after another impressive afternoon of assertively busting out his chores (ask me about “Duty Discs“).

I have him go on the computer alright; to email his teacher about the absence of the chart we all agreed on and to “cc” me.  (Kind of exciting for me because in all his computer activity he has actually never emailed either of us before.)

And lo:

2018-05-11 16.52.39.jpg


Man I love these kids.

Oh, and her teacher gets back to me too:

2018-05-11 17.42.42.jpg

So what do you know.

Looks like there’s time for cake after all.

Imma let ’em eat cake.

2018-05-11 17.52.40.png

 gracious how i love these knuckleheads



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Parenting: The Spaghetti Lecture

Friday, May 11th 2018

spaghetti floor.jpg


OK Kids sit down. Stop fiddling.  Give me your undivided attention.  This may not be fun, but it’s important.

OK, you know how we have perfectly clean, drinkable water on tap 24/7 year round no matter what, and for a reasonable price?


Right.  That’s one of the great privileges we enjoy being so lucky on this planet.  It seems normal where we live, but on the planet as a whole, it’s not normal.  In fact you know in a lot of places, children can’t go to school, and all they get to do all day is walk a long way to collect water and carry it back to their home, and do it again the next day.

And even though we have all the water we could possibly want, do we throw it away on purpose?


Right.  You know all the privileges we have; water, food, clothes, a place to live, loved ones, toys, books, electronics, transportation and medical care?


If daddy or someone makes you a beautiful plate of spaghetti and meatballs, do we throw it on the floor?


Do we throw any of it on the floor?


Right.  That would be a waste of resources and a disgrace to our privileges.  (And frankly, an insult to everyone who is not so lucky).

So, do you know the other great privilege we have?  EDUCATION.  Your school.  A great public school!  It’s not always fun but that’s because it’s school; it’s your job.  When I am away from you working in the hospital, those kids would do ANYTHING to be healthy enough to be back in school.  We’re lucky enough we don’t have to go to Children’s Hospital we’re so healthy, but we might.  Anything can happen, like your classmate Samantha!  She was healthy just like us until she wasn’t.  She got horrible brain cancer and what did she do?  Even when her eyes got crossed and she could no longer speak or lift her arm; what did she do?  Until her very last living day?

“Go to school.”

That’s right.  And what about your teachers.  Do you think any of your teachers or staff at school are lazy?


Right.  They work really hard doing everything they can for you and your education.  They would do just about anything for your benefit.  They would probably take a bullet for you, literally.  So are you gonna take that beautifully prepared spaghetti and meatballs they make for you and dump it on the floor?


Right.  You know, you will never get back last Tuesday.  Or Monday two weeks ago.  And there will only be one Thursday this coming week;  that’ll be the only day to do the lessons for that day.  The next day is for the next day’s lessons, not for the one you didn’t do.  And doing your lessons is how you lay the foundation for the rest of your education.  And that’s how you will be able to make a lot of really cool choices in your life.  Like look at Mommy, I’m not perfect and I’m not the best, but I really love my job, and that is rare.  And it is because I had the opportunity to make some really great choices in my life through hard work and education.

You know in Montessori you have choice.  Sometimes I have joked to a friend that for my kids, sometimes that choice means, “Nah.”  Well I’m telling you that’s not a choice anymore.  I don’t care what Montessori says, my Oberhauser children will not be going to school and dumping their spaghetti on the floor.  Not on my watch.  I’m taking “NO” off the table for you guys.  It’s no longer an option.  I expect you to do your work.  You don’t have to be perfect, just do your best.  Do your best by doing your work!  OK?




OK then!


[Cue the snuggles and the sweetness and all the love and spaghetti.]

#MomRules   #MammasNotPlayin   

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Mindfulness: Just Breathe (Video)

May 2018

I just love this Just Breathe video about Mindfulness.

Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films) [3:41]:


That’s three minutes and 41 seconds very well spent.




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