Christmas Tree 2018

Saturday, December 8th 2018

What a beauty we found at Wolf Hill Farm today.


Gavin on the saw


I really don’t feel great about sawing down a tree.  But such is our savage tradition and I go with it:


Proud 10 year old with his kill


Cousin Olivia arrives just in time to help us stand it up.



Dear Hubsand sees to it that our tree is proportional for him.


6’9″ man… 13′ tree?


I cannot get the star on top, not even on a tall stool, on my tippy toes with a “grabber.”


DH to the rescue


This tree practically makes my Hubsand look like an elf.


Soooooooo pretty.

Magical and Magestic 


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Rudolph to DJTJ: Mueller Christmas Dude

December 7th 2018

Rudolph And Friends Respond To Donald Trump Jr. [1:17]: 


Mueller Christmas to all!  And to all a good indict (…ment) !  


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Hospital Clowning: There Are Always More Sick Kids

Friday, December 7th 2018

delete IV hand


Voice in my head when I’m leaving the hospital:  “But there are so many more sick kids.”

Voice in my head: “But you made a difference to all that you could.”


Voice in my head at home with my healthy family: “There are so many sick kids.”

“You make a difference all all that you can…”

“But there are so many kids who are sick…”


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Taming the Tempest: DON’T LOOK!

Thursday, December 6th 2018

delete don't look


I recently pulled together years worth of the kids’ artwork and miscellaneous creations piling up around the house in order to organize, cull, edit, wrangle, lash and cajole it all into some form of SENSE.   What I intended as a one or two day project stretched into a couple weeks, turning our living room and all available surfaces into a tempest of papers, chaos and glue.

There was so much it didn’t even fit into the boxes provided by Plum Print, the miraculous custom book publishing service that digitizes all your stuff into a beautifully curated book.



So I purchased two bigger boxes from UHaul, crammed the stuff into them with the magnanimous help of Dear Hubsand, used the pre-addressed Plum Print shipping label and dropped them off at Walgreens which now hosts Fed-Ex.

As of yesterday I was finally able to excavate our home, discard the debris, put everything away, and sweep and scrub the floor.  As if nothing happened at all.

This all sounds so terribly boring when I describe it, but it felt more like this:

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Face Melting Power [2:40]: 


Either way I cannot thank Plum Print enough for providing a repository for all the priceless preciousness.  First and foremost it enabled me -eventually- to get the stuff OUT of the HOUSE.  (Even at about $150 a pop the value is priceless.)

Secondarily (a distant second), we may end up with some lovely keepsake childhood book tributes.

During the process I officially BANNED the kids from creating ANY MORE ART!

And technically that is still my stance; “NO MORE ART!”

Of course my daughter just wiggles her fingers and laughs maniacally.

Maybe this time I should just do as Indiana Jones says; “DON’T LOOK!!!” 

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Everything is Magic with ClaraJane

Tuesday, December 4th 2018

delete magical unicorn .jpg

On this day I have the pleasure of taking ClaraJane to her dentist appointment at Cambridge Pediatric Dental Associates

2018-12-04 ClaraJane’s Dental Sillies [11 seconds]:


Glad to say the nightmares from our last dental place are well behind us, as Cambridge Pediatrics does not lie and they ACTUALLY DO specialize in kids.


Afterwards a little “window shopping” finds us pooped and famished.


We land in the loving familiar bosom of our favorite pub, The Druid They even dice up her chicken soup extra small on account of her mouth still being a little sensitive.


She treats me to a book full of jokes and has me read her a story.


#MommyDaughterDay  #DamnILoveThisGirl

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At Rise: Nothing is Sacred

Sunday, December 2nd 2018

del bathroom break


AT RISE:  Mom, exhausted, has stepped into a Sunday morning shower, alone at last.  The hot water whooshes down enveloping her as droplets tinkle in the drain.  She closes her eyes in gratitude that she gets to stay home today.  Through the sounds she hears a child’s voice muffled through the door.

CHILD:  Um… Mamma? Weh-weh-bla-bla-weh-weh-weh-bla-bla? [Unintelligible request.]

MOM:  [Bursts out laughing, because children are deplorable, nothing is sacred, and we’re all gonna die.]

CHILD:  [Pause.]  Mamma?

MOM:  [Still laughing.]


MOM:  [Renewed guffaws and laughing from the shower…]

CHILD:  [Rollerskates away.]


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Favorite Songs: I Bet My Life

This is a love song written to one’s PARENTS.


I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons



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