Plymouth: Indiana Gavin and the Dogs of DOOM

Sunday, November 11th 2018

What a terrifying close encounter we had today!

2018-11-11 Indiana Gavin and the Dogs of DOOM [28 seconds]:



Honestly this may be the most favorite video I’ve made since Froot Loops.

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Plymouth: Five or More Beasts of Knotty Pines

Saturday, November 11th 2018

My sister Liz keeps some pretty fabulous company down in Plymouth, Mass.

2018-11-11 Five or More Beasts of Knotty Pines [1:09]:


Here is a 34 second version of same:

2018-11-11 Five Knotty Pine Beasts [34 seconds]:


The question remains; is more than five enough?


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At Rise: Very Stupid

Saturday, November 10th 2018

delete cat-fart


AT RISE:  Mom is snuggling the children to bed in dark, peaceful, cozy quietude.

All:  [Quiet & peaceful.]

Mom:  Oh!  you guys;  [Pause.]  *Pffffft.*  [Fart noise.]

ClaraJane:  Mom, du-uh!  We know that.  You’ve said that millions of times!

Mom:  Oh sorry, my bad.  [Pause, stifling a laugh.]  What’s it like having a mom who is less mature than you are?

ClaraJane:  VERY STUPID.


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Frank’s with Pops & Zachary

Friday, November 9th 2018

@Frank’s Steakhouse, Cambridge MA

Lucky us; dinner with Pops!


Pops can still hold off his 15 y/o nephew… for now!


OMG these two cousins:

I had no idea until I scrutinized these photos how much they make the same faces.


ClaraJane was a bit of a hot mess this evening.  As a calming effort Gavin offered to braid her hair.   To be honest I feel this goes beyond “Evidence They Get Along.”


Here they are thinking about desert together.  Sometimes the depth and breadth of our privileges makes it hard to hold back tears.


OMG the plates upon plates of feast we feast upon. Seriously there is nothing I know of I ever did to deserve such riches.


And the requisite VIDEO version of the evening of course, for posterity.  Sacred in the (purported) “Mundane” you know…

2018-11-09 Frank’s with Pops and Zachary [27 seconds]: 


“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”     ~Karl Barth

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ClaraJane In & Out of Rollerskates

Friday, November 9th 2018

Normal lately is my daughter rollerskating all around overtly whistling.

This afternoon she showcased yet another couple of tricks.

2018-11-09 ClaraJane In & Out of Rollerskates [14 seconds]:


del wow png

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You Know When Pops is Coming Cuz He’s Here

Thursday, November 8th 2018

Sometimes we’re not sure when Grandpa Pops is going to arrive when he visits us from Minnesota.  Today we have a pretty good hunch.  And when I mentioned this to the kids there was much rejoicing.

The Grandpa Pops Dance


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November 8th 2018

del balls.jpg

Among other things I have fallen in love with teaching juggling.  Today in fact I had the best teaching session I’ve ever had; with my son and about 20 of his classmates!  It is adorable how these 4th and 5th graders responded to my positive reward system of stickers.  It is so endearing when big kids can still be kids.  (Even the tough ones who are too cool got into it, according to their teacher.)  I can hardly wait for our next session.

For posterity here is my working curriculum.

Learning to Juggling with Jenny - JPG 1 of 2

Learning to Juggling with Jenny - JPG 2 of 2

All skills must start somewhere, such as at The Very Beginning perchance.  To be sure, the hardest thing is to get people to isolate one single throw of one single ball.  The self-regulation required is rarely automatic.  And that is why I call it the IMPOSSIBLE Challenge.


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