Don’t Mean to Blog, But…

October 5-8th 2021


The very fact that I’ve barely blogged at all for the past six months is indicative of how inundated I’ve been.

To be clear, I am not complaining.

I understand my life to be a rich mosaic of overflowing cornucopias with plenty of earned blessings and unearned privileges.

Is it undiagnosed ADHD? Overabundance of enthusiasms? Too much blonde? Does it matter? IDFK.

My friend Brady once said; “I wish the world could just stop, so I could get back on.

And I believe it was Robert Fulghum who said, like; ‘It’s important to pull your raft ashore every once in a while to take a look at where you’ve been, and where you’re going.’

And I’ll be damned if I’m not doing just that.

Because a trip abroad (to Healthcare Clown International Meeting in The Hague) was postponed for six months due to Covid, I am left with a bit of an unprecedented and magical breather in my schedule.

And because my family is understanding and supportive (or maybe just happy to get rid of me), and my kids are “old” enough to take care of some things themselves, I am afforded the latitude to GDFO.

I was looking to escape to any ol’ Air BnB -for coffee and wifi and no normal distractions- when along comes my magical sister Heather and her magical seaside abode. She is not using it for the exact three days I was looking to stay somewhere. Alas, I am here!


An understatement.


I also wanted a place that wasn’t too inspiring, because for once I’m *not* looking for a new adventure. I’m looking for a place where I can focus in peace without the distractions of my own domicile or it’s endlessly distracting inhabitants. A-hem.

But this is better than I could have dreamed because although it is absolutely and utterly stunning, beautiful and inspiring, I am privileged to know this place so well already and have documented many happy family gatherings here over the years.

So now my bluff is called. For once in my life I have the mental and physical space, infrastructure and *time* to try to catch up to the Tornado of To Do’s.


Taming the Tornado of To-Do’s


Of course not even God Herself could stop me from photographing and documenting anyway.

#HellaHull, Massachusetts


Alas, all things must end in one form or another.

Some highlights:

Blue Jays; seagulls; cormorants; a gluttonous lazy squirrel; a big ol’ bunny in the yard; countless dogs on leashed walks with their owners; and three suspiciously UNLEASHED wild-ass looking dogs who were actually COYOTES trotting by in extreme close proximity. Wow

And these guys were pretty cool. I just don’t know what kind of sea bird they are:


Not least of all; SO many tasks done!! (Yet with so many still to do, of course.)

Even included a little TikToc, R&R, self-care, Netflix and Chill.



Hell yes.

My next To Do?

How on earth to adequately say; “Thank you” to my #Sister!



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