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Gone Campin’

Friday,  May 27th 2026 This is all we need: Hmm. Something’s not right. This is all we need: To put it another way: Also this: So that finally: One can do this: We’re there. Mission accomplished. P.S.: Kids could not … Continue reading

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Edible Face

May 27th 2016 This just in from Facebook. Three years ago, nearly two years old, ClaraJane says: “Can I help?” (She still says that all they time… especially in the kitchen.)   Paul writes:  “She’s so big now and ready … Continue reading

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Tae Kwon Do – Cultivating Strength

For my son’s reference and strength of Body, Mind and Spirit, FWIW:                

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Taegeuk Il Jang – Tae Kwon Do Form #2

May 2016 Having learned the Tae Kwon Do form “Chung- Ji” as a white belt, Gavin earned his yellow belt and is now tasked with learning “Taegeuk Il Jang” (which I just found out means “Heaven and Light“):   Some terminology: … Continue reading

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Battery Rant

Wednesday, May 25th 2016   In anticipation of camping this weekend, I finally went to the hardware store to repair a bunch of tiny electronics with battery replacement.  Here’s what I learned: A)  Nearly ALL “button” style batteries are 1.5 … Continue reading

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It’s Not “Free Stuff”

May 2016 About this Democratic Socialism:          

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Why Bernie Sanders

May 2016 Look at the principles, integrity, compassion, instincts and actions of this beautiful and inspiring human being: Bernie Sanders First Responder [45 seconds]:  It literally brings me to tears when I see his immediate compassionate response. The qualities of this … Continue reading

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