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The Farce of the DNC Convention

July 2016 Here is a closer (and I think very well done) look at at exactly what happened at the DNC Convention in Philly 2016; just so we know.   It is so sad the queen has to go to such … Continue reading

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The Sacrifice of Aslan

July 2016 Here is the Chronicles of Narnia movie where the great lion Aslan sacrifices himself to the Snow Queen.  I cannot help but think of Bernie Sanders in this way.  ♥ Aslan arrives at the stone table and dies … Continue reading

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Phillin the Bern – Livestream Times

July 24-28th 2016 Here is the account of my self-styled activism in support of Bernie Sanders and in protest to the DNC/HRC conglomerate around the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia PA.  I must say I am proud of my … Continue reading

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Laybag Times – Philly Edition

July 25-27th 2016 The Laybag… it’s a bean bag, it’s a hammock, it’s a floaty thing.  New to our flamly this summer for $32 bucks, we keep using it over and over.  It defies description and speaks for itself.   … Continue reading

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Three Minute Ovation

Monday, July 25th 2016 Few things are more beautiful to me than the historic reception Senator Sanders encountered upon his taking the stage at the 2016 DNC Convention in Philadelphia. Three-minute Standing Ovation for Bernie Sanders at the DNC 2016 … Continue reading

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Revolution Meta Painting

July 24, 2016 While nonviolently freedom fighting in Philly, one of the many amazing things we encountered is this “Meta Painting;  a collaboration of ideas and shared expression, within boundaries.”   As we know the the Sanders Campaign has inspired SO … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Philly

Saturday, July 23rd 2016 With our clothes, groceries and ideals packed, it’s Go Time!   But alas I’m bringing ankle-biters on this revolutionary mission, so we go when we go.   We believe Bernie Sanders represents the best interests of … Continue reading

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