Phillin’ the Bern with my Kids – 2016

Sunday, July 24th – Thursday, July 28th 2016

Remembering the incomparable experience of protesting the 2016 Democratic National Convention with my kids in Philadelphia.

Those were the days


I will ALWAYS relish these days where the ENTIRE city was ONE GLORIOUS, UNDENIABLE, INSURMOUNTABLE celebration of the promise that is BERNIE SANDERS.

But for the reality that it was surmountable after all; by the corruption that is the DNC-$HILLARY Hubris machine, serving up the Orange Horror that is Tweethead J. Chump to the world on a tacky gold plated platter.

Even my five year old both chanted and understood this simple truth:




But even in the face of the crushing loss we suffered, nothing can take away the memories we created or the hope we generated in those incredible days.




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