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The Cat is So Cute

Sunday, December 31st 2017           #DarthSnowflake    #Kitten    #NoGoodTerribleBad     #Hopeless

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Camping: Frosty Mountain Getaway

December 27th-30th 2017, Brownsfield Maine @ FROST MOUNTAIN YURTS 2017-12-30 FROST MOUNTAIN GETAWAY [5:09]:   More to say on this, but in a word: Heaven!  

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At Rise: No Bears

Wednesday December 27th 2017 AT RISE: The Four O’s are driving deep into the snowy countryside of Maine to go “camping” in a yurt. CJ:  I sure hope there aren’t any grizzly bears there! Mom:  Woah! I didn’t even think … Continue reading

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Christmas 2017

Monday, December 25th 2017 Christmas from morning ’til night, complete with Grandpa Pops, Jane Ann, Mom & Amanda’s new home, and wonderful family news! 2017-12-25 CIRCUSKITCHEN CHRISTMAS 2017 [2:39]:  

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Sunday, December 24th 2017 On this year at the HEJAM Extravaganza… 2017-12-24 HEJAM XMAS EVE [1:34]:    

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ClaraJane Rapunzel Goldilocks

December 24th 2017 For Christmas Eve day this year I surprised ClaraJane with what is now her second annual hair salon experience, encapsulated here in 18 seconds. 2017-12-24 CJ PRINCESS HAIR [18 seconds]:   Be still my heart and oh … Continue reading

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Daddy Daughter Hair Time

December 23rd 2018 In terms of securing The Best possible Baby Daddy for my kids, I dare say I nailed it. Just get a load of these two knuckleheads. 2017-12-23 Daddy Daughter Hair Time [13 seconds]:

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