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Schoolhouse Rocking the Government with my Dad

Friday August 26th 2016 Doing some research about how the U.S. Government works with my Dad. Schoolhouse Rock to the rescue!   No More Kings [3:10]:     Shot Heard Round the World [3:00]: The Battles of Lexington and Concord … Continue reading

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Grandpa’s First Livestream

August 25th 2016 Wherein Jennifer and Bruce broadcast unadulterated drivel in Grandpa’s first livestream on Facebook. Rated “F” for “Fogetaboutit.”  Viewing not really recommended for anyone. But he’s my dad and I don’t get to see him much and he’s … Continue reading

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Voices of Syria

  Voices of Syria [5:17]:  

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The Water Bill

Also August 18th 2016 And when I went to pay our WATER BILL, this pittance of a fee for the unfathomable privilege of having clean potable life giving water ON TAP, ANY temperature, ANY time, as MUCH as we want… … Continue reading

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The Little Boy from Aleppo

Thursday, August 18th 2016 His name is Omran Daqneesh.   Here is the Daily Mail news report:   Here is a video: Little boy rescued from the rubble in Syria [2:30]:       Just yesterday I wrote that this … Continue reading

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Upworthy Robbery at Knifepoint Guy

August 2016 In the face of too many horrors about the world I arguably shouldn’t be reading, this blog is the little slice of heaven I leave my kids.  Here ya go kids, another beautiful, amazing thing: He was robbed … Continue reading

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CircusKitchen Camping Trip LOG!

THIS INDEX IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, FOR REFERENCE INTO PERPETUITY, so our flamly can speed-dial up the stories, photos & videos from our camping experiences.  Our first  year -2013- we went ONCE.  The next year -2014- we went ONCE. … Continue reading

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