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Secret Juggler: What to Say to Parents During Lessons & Face Painting

Monday, November 25th 2018 The extent and degree of parents interfereing and meddling during face painting -and even juggling lessons- knows NO BOUNDS. I could write tombs complaining about it. Fortunately for you that is what I have my hubsand … Continue reading

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Inmanween Creatures

Friday, October 26th 2018 2018-10-26 Inmanween Creatures [1:06]: ClaraJane as Harley Quinn Gavin Trick-or-Treats AND shop at the hardware store. Gavin is officially taller than the babysitter, ❤️Julia❤️. Moreover, Mom&Dad went OUT later thanks to ❤️Julia❤️. Also, our cat can … Continue reading

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Secret Juggler: Haitian Cake

Saturday, June 9th 2018 Leaving my gig in Cambridge at 4:40pm, I see this text from my 5pm client in Malden: “No one here yet can jennythejuggler come @5:30?” My booking manager has already replied:  “Sorry she can’t change times … Continue reading

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Have You Seen My Son?

March 12, 2018    

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Face Painting: Special FX with Lady Z

March 9th 2018 – East Coast Face Painting Convention This Unicorn Zombie right here:   She say; “Don’t even bother trying to say my name.  Just call me ‘Z!’”       I literally gagged when she started foaming at … Continue reading

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Face Painting: Prosthetic Horn Making

Thursday, March 8th 2018   How surreal to face several canceled buses, a snowstorm and several not-canceled buses only to land in horn-making class at the East Coast Face Painting Convention. I am pumped to try this!   The instructor also … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2015 at Rolling Acres Farm in Somerset Ohio! 2015-11-25 OHIO OR BUST [1:18]:   2015-11-26 OHIO COUSINS [1:06]:   2015-11-27 PAINTING OF THE FACES [1:27]:    

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