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CJ on the Grandma Z Phone

On this day ClaraJane (@19 months) entertained her Grandma Z on the phone.  Enjoy! [2 mins, 31 secs]

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Best Valentine Ever

Although I have not managed to blog about it yet, our boy is READING and WRITING. And it is EXHILARATING!

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Strange (& Blessed) Day

Or perhaps, “Strange Girl Out in her Weird Costume.” I normally do everything I can -within reason- to avoid getting caught doing pedestrian things in my costume.  But the more of a mom I become and the busier my performing … Continue reading

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Blizzard of 2013

By Gavin. I went sledding.  I had fun.  I went really fast!  Me and… Me and my mom.  My mom pulled the sled. ******************************************************************************** Nice of my boy to do my blog for me!  I would have photo/videographed it myself … Continue reading

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Two Thumbs Up

Although TODAY’s snowy dawn found my son in NO mood to sweetly reminisce about anything, (and can you blame him, he is FOUR and we are at the bus stop by 6:55AM, and today in fact I had to unceremoniously … Continue reading

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Bubble Wow Adventures

While I am away Tuesday evenings for a weekly restaurant gig, my Mom graciously takes up the slack in the transportation and childcare department, enjoying my family in my stead;  Bless her.  To my delight she gives me reviews on … Continue reading

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