Blizzard of 2013

By Gavin.

2013-02-12 GLO Blizzard Story (1)


I went sledding.  I had fun.  I went really fast!  Me and…

2013-02-12 GLO Blizzard Story (2)


Me and my mom.  My mom pulled the sled.


Nice of my boy to do my blog for me!  I would have photo/videographed it myself but alas the best moments happen off camera (as they should).  All the same, here are the before and after bits: [55 seconds]

Preluded by my daughter a few days before.  As the blizzard assumed it’s choke hold on the region -state of emergency, travel ban and all- she tiptoes through the tulips with nary a care: [29 secs]

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1 Response to Blizzard of 2013

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Very cute! Happy Valentine’s Day

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