Two Thumbs Up

Although TODAY’s snowy dawn found my son in NO mood to sweetly reminisce about anything, (and can you blame him, he is FOUR and we are at the bus stop by 6:55AM, and today in fact I had to unceremoniously hoist him up onto the steps of the yellow school bus against his will and coordinate my letting go quickly so the bus driver could helpfully shut the door behind him -like tupperware in the proverbial kitchen cupboard, minus the bus driver, and minus the kid splayed out protesting on steps of the bus- but let me un-digress)…

LAST Wednesday morning when I asked him, “How was your time with Bubble Wow?”
I got this:

Two Thumbs Up

Two Thumbs Up

So blessed we are to have Grandma in our midst.  [THANK YOU MOM, for suffering the slings and arrows of moving back to city life and being here with us so regularly!  It is a richness I can hardly articulate, and will always cherish.  Thank you Wow Mom, Bubble Wow!]

And on another note, yes, that’s our new *home* in the background; that beautiful church.  We *live* in there!  It’s going on 3 months and I can still hardly believe it.

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1 Response to Two Thumbs Up

  1. paul says:

    yeah thank you wifey

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