How do you say… YES!

Wouldn’t you know the very day I did that last post (one week ago), I actually couldn’t find my phone for most of the day, even as I waited for The Call.  Then stupidly I found it in a logical place (still attached to the charger in the car).  It was past 4:30pm on Friday and Mr. Sal from the bank had already tried to reach me, twice.  I called him back.  He had good news.  Our loan was approved!!!

I told him I had expected to fall to my knees and cry no matter what he said (like, either “yes,” or “no”). Instead I was just tingling all over.  Stunned I think. Happy.  And stunned.

And so I have remained. This week we waited for the actual commitment letter to come in the mail. Yesterday it did, and here it is:

They found the $olution!

Amazing, right?  The small amounts, the low rate, and that it is enough to purchase our very own first HOME.  (Yes it’s a weird “Soft-Second” loan with an interest-only component, but -like other aspects of this whole deal- what a perfect gift horse it is.)  With condo fees, property tax and insurance, our monthly housing costs should be under $1100; over $1000 less than we were paying before!

To boot, this week we *also* got our deposit back from our old apartment, with interest!  This alone might cover up to half of our anticipated closing costs:

Hard to believe we were paying over $2K/mo on our income.

I know it’s unusual -even frowned upon- to share such financial details publicly.  However, (it’s my blog and) I’m doing it to not only celebrate (and convince myself this is actually happening), but also to shine light into what in our society is normally shrouded in secrecy: MONEY.  And how it works.  (Because, it does!  It actually does jobs.)  I don’t think there’s anything shameful in talking about money, AND I believe we would all be a lot healthier financially if it weren’t so taboo.  How is one supposed to grow up prepared, responsible and successful without any discussions or education on The $ubject?  Personally I cringe when I think of some of the choices  I made -or failed to make- over my lifetime; the amounts thoughtlessly filtered through my hands, and the opportunities missed.  (Not to detract from the priceless experiences too; Travel, and other extravagant things like rent and food.)

It’s not that life is all about money, it’s that we need money to live (with dignity).  So really it’s no less important than health, love, nutrition, vocation; all subjects about which we otherwise educate ourselves naturally.  For some reason Personal Finance it is NOT normally included in our mainstream educational spectrum; you have to seek it out.  (That way big banks and corporations -those entities for whom life really IS only about money- can rape us more easily when we are ignorant and uneducated… just milling along, living beyond our means and paying our minimum balance while they use the profits from our fees and interest to buy legislature to give themselves more money!  But I digress into a rant for another post.)

Lastly, as I adjust to this new reality, sailing into our sunset of increased financial viability, still shuddering from recent memories of literally shaking down every last dollar in our pockets just to make rent, I want to say to my modest number of dear readers that I hope I have not offended anyone or made anyone feel bad.  About this new opportunity/reality I feel nothing but gratitude, humility and astonishment.  OK; excitement creeps in too.  Simply please know that also I broadcast our good fortune in hopes to inspire and invite you along.

And if you want to know where I draw the inspiration for these cajones, please stay tuned for my very next post (after which I promise to return to some of my cuter favorite subjects).

In love and light (and money, money, money, ha ha ha),


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9 Responses to How do you say… YES!

  1. Bonnie Kaplan Goldsmith says:

    congrats to the Os on all accounts – you are filling the universe with love and joy – what could be better!

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    You are quite right about money, it’s uses and taboos, and the pros and cons of building your life around it. To say Congratulations on achieving your housing goals seems inadequate to what I know you’ve gone through to get there.

  3. Thanks Mom, truly! I appreciate your congrats indeed! And celebrating with us and enjoying all the benefits of the new home with us as we go forward. Not to mention HOUSING us as we wait yet another month to move in! Thanks for the acknowledgement of the journey; it has been both arduous and fascinating in itself. Like a rainfall in the desert that it is working out… xoxo

  4. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

  5. Dennis says:

    I am so happy for you Paul and your beautiful children!!!

  6. Rob says:

    Hey Sis! Ditto Mom. Congratufuckinglations!!! About time for some good news 🙂 Do up a phat phatty!

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