Please Mr. Underwriter, Please

Find a way!

So… because rent was crushing us, earlier this year I determined that my #1 goal this year was to lower our housing costs. Well, it’s been a challenging journey and a demanding experience so far, but -POSSIBLY- we are now poised tantalizingly close to BUYING our FIRST HOME.

It’s an “affordable” condo that is being offered through the City of Cambridge First Time Home Buyer’s Assistance Program. It is new construction in and old church that is one of many amazing projects of the incomparable Just-A-Start Corporation.

All of this sounds amazing, right? Right. We have been on this incredible and challenging journey since April. Elaborate application and vetting processes; -ESPECIALLY because our income situation is so weird (my being self-employed with fluctuating income, Paul’s income only starting to increase since losing his career to cancer, and more).

Now, at last, after financing with our first promising bank FELL THROUGH a couple weeks ago, we are literally at the brink of hearing back from our current prospective lendor (Cambridge Trust Company)… like… TODAY. Or not. Maybe next week. Who knows.

All we want is the Holy Grail: the bank’s Committment Letter.
All that is at stake is a PLACE for the four of us to live, and ALL our money.

Did I mention we already moved out of our apartment, and all our stuff is in storage? We have, and it is. We are incredibly lucky enough to be in a wonderful temporary housing situation (with another wonderful transitional housing situation ahead of us as we wait for both the construction to finish AND our financing to come through). We are healthy, happy, alive, engaged in the world and together, with NO COMPLAINTS!

Yet our future hangs in the balance as some elusive Underwriter named Peter evaulates our materials and decides whether the bank will help us or not.

Yesterday we even got to tour the place. As much as I dread dreaming too much of moving in to the place, it is hard not to. And no matter WHAT happens, the dream is beautiful and it is real.

So here is a video slideshow of our tour yesterday. It started and ended with the kids playing in the park next to the condo in question. So at a minimum here were some beautiful images captured of the kids -as ever. The song is “Revolution” by Dr. John. Find a solution, Mr. Underwriter, please!

Immaculate Place [2mins, 57 secs]

Find a $olution!!!

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1 Response to Please Mr. Underwriter, Please

  1. Grandma Z says:

    I just looked at the video of the new place. It looks awesome, so light and bright. I am so happy for you. Sounds like it is going to be yours! Loved the pictures of the kids at the park.

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