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Happy International Women’s Hotel Room-to-Myself Day

Wednesday, March 8th 2017   Last night I returned home to find a gift from my mom, and my boy wandering out of bed past bedtime.  Also his father whom I immediately locked onto for guidance I needed about a … Continue reading

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At Rise: Another Word

Thurs., Feb 23rd 2017 At Rise:  The O’s are driving in the car. MOM:  They should have another word that’s not just for when you’re angry from not having enough access to food. GIRL IN BACKSEAT (5 y/o): HANGRY! MOM:  … Continue reading

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DaddyLove Hubsand – Ice Skating Edition

Monday, February 6th 2017 DLove surprised us after school today by suddenly taking us ICE SKATING. I am struck by the contrast to the man I was married to a few years back who was reeling from chemo and whose … Continue reading

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CircusKitchen 2017: Aspirations

January 2017 An index of aspirations inspired by 2017 (posted for reference here so I can find them). 1)  Screen & review documentary/historical movie ~monthly. e.g.: IN THEATRES:  Hidden Figures, Allegience, Screenagers*  *(just got tix!!!)  OLIVER STONE: Untold History of the U.S. KEN … Continue reading

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My Pizzeria Birthday 2016

Monday, December 26th 2016 For my birthday this year, family graciously came to dinner at Pizzeria Regina where I work for kids night, including Aunt Jane Ann from Dallas!  It was a win-win-win and everyone (save for my poor suffering hubsand) … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from the O’s

January 1st 2017   After a wonderful 3-show gig and amazing NYE sushi feast with backgammon courtesy of  Dear Hubsand.   New Year’s Day we wandered around Boston Common.  Here are the kids fighting over who gets to pose in … Continue reading

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The Elephant’s Shoulder

November 22nd 2016   A couple days before Thanksgiving my Dear Hubsand arrives home clutching an array of fresh ingredients loose in his hands; cauliflower, carrots, I don’t know what else.  Being that he is a chef  -THE Chef-  I … Continue reading

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