Adventures in Food: Chinese Take Out

Sunday, March 7th 2021


AT RISE: Dad is laid out on the floor of the living room with a pulled back. Kids are doing stuff and mom comes out of the kitchen.

MOM: Well kids, daddy’s back is out, so he can’t cook tonight. Maybe we’ll order Chinese takeout.

KIDS: [Shrug.] Mmm. [Disinterested.] Sure.

MOM: [Raises tone.]. O-o-o-or… [Pause] *I* could cook!?

KIDS: [Jump up.] Takeout! Chinese takeout! Ooh yes, Chinese please! Yes please!



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2 Responses to Adventures in Food: Chinese Take Out

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks, that is hilarious. I mean, we know you can do ANYTHING. Maybe some things better than others.

  2. Shhh,,, I have everyone convinced that I *can’t* cook, lol!

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