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Hospital Clowning: Joke Repository

September 2018 A working compilation in progress, if you will:  Q:  What’s brown and sticky?   /   A:  A stick. Q:  What’s brown and stickier?   /   A:  A stick covered in poo. Q:  What’s red and bad for your teeth? /   A: A brick. Q:  What’s red … Continue reading

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Call Me Emily: Dispatch from the Domicile

September 11th 2018   Gradually the list emerges.  You know how it goes.  Things around the house need repair.  The first glimmer comes in a mere, imperceptible repetition.  Flushing the toilet twice.  Closing the door, again.  Turning the light switch … Continue reading

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Good Old Days by Randy Rainbow

September 2018 Although this is from almost a year ago already, a modest antidote to the blood-pressure cooker of current events in which Randy Rainbow delivers flawlessly, as always. THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS: A Randy Rainbow Song Parody … Continue reading

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Kavenaugh, Corruption and the Cookie Jar

9/11… 2018 or… 1918??? Transcript from Judiciary Confirmation hearing of SCOTUS-Nominee Judge” Brett Kavenaugh”: Senator Kamala Harris Grills Brett Kavanaugh On Robert Mueller Investigation | NBC News [2:25]:    The Judiciary Committee is to vote -perhaps on September 20th- on whether … Continue reading

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Please Call These 8 Numbers

9/11/2018 As of lives depend upon it… because they do.

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Cambridge Italian Festival 2018

Sunday, September 9th 2018   At the risk of our poor neglected cheerdlen not having enough fun in their lives, we also managed to attend our annual neighborhood “Cosmas and Damian” Italian Festival.  Always a hit, and so amazing it’s … Continue reading

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At Rise: Post Carnival Games

Sunday, September 9th 2018   AT RISE:  The Oberhauser Four are walking home from the annual neighborhood carnival around the corner.  The kids run ahead and pause just before home. Gavin:  [Baps ClaraJane with giant big purple ball.] ClaraJane [Screaming]: Gavin … Continue reading

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