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Un-Installing tRump

Wednesday, January 20th 2020: Biden-Harris Inauguration Day . . For realz, this is what I woke up to today: . . Pinching myself. And saying; “BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” 👋

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400 Lights, 400,000 Lives

Tuesday, January 19th 2020 Biden-Harris Inaguration Eve . . I was unprepared for such a display of dignity, class, caring, recognition, commemoration, grief, honor, hope, beauty… and determination. *

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Farewell Trump Love Randy Rainbow

Tuesday, January 19th 2020 . I normally dislike anything with his name in it, but when in the form of a heartfelt farewell it doesn’t feel so bad. “SEASONS” OF tRUMP – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody [3:41]: . Randy … Continue reading

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Melania Has a Song In Her Heart

Tuesday, January 19th 2021 – Inauguration Evening . With A Song In Her Heart, Melania Trump Returns To New York [9:51]: . *

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Cartoon by ClaraJane: Trump vs. Biden FREEZE TAG

Tuesday, January 19th 2020 – Inauguration Eve . . . 1) Trump vs. Biden FREEZE TAG 2) Trump: “Waahh” 3) Let’s hear what they want to say… Aid: “Sir, it’s tijme for your nap.” Trump: “You stole my election, waahh!” … Continue reading

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CircusKitchen Oberhauser Four

January 2021 I’ve been meaning for ages to make a post for collecting the pix of all four of us. Y’know, cuz flamly is everything. Today I will start imperfectly with just ONE. . More to come. (o:

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Meal Abandoned: A Poem

Saturday, January 16th 2020 . Meal Abandoned Meal. Abandoned. Alas. And alack! I ate chew. N I ain’t comin’ back. ~Anonymous? . *

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Post-Insurrection Meditation Exercise

Monday, January 11th 2020 . Inspired by these words below here, on this day I signed up for an online meditation thing. . This person Dr. Amanda Kemp is someone whose black voice I’d like to tune to, and amplify … Continue reading

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A Real Live Birthday Party

Sunday, January 10th 2020 . Girlfriend got to go to a for-real party with all the girls from her class. . They played ball, roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, drank hot chocolate, hung out by a fire, ran around. All … Continue reading

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AT RISE: My Hair is Cold

Saturday, January 9th 2021 AT RISE: At home. BOY: My hair is cold. MOM: Put on a hat. BOY: [Pause.] No thanks. SCENE. .

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