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Election Day – Crazed and Confused

Tuesday, November 5th 2019 Driving my daughter to school today we pass the public park at Cambridge Common and what do I see but my new Homeless Buddies, Victor and Michael.  And because I had just picked up some new … Continue reading

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Sugar Skulls with My Sugar Boy

Friday, November 1st 2019 – Dia de los Muertos     When your Boy asks you to drive him to school so he can show you the Sugar Skull he painted in Spanish Class for Dia de los Muertos, you … Continue reading

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Helping People is Just Not that Hard

October 22nd 2019 All this stuff cost me $25 bucks:   This modest haul -plus $5 of vitamin C cough drops- is enough to make TWELVE packages worth of stuff to hand out to homeless people. Each bag in this … Continue reading

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Racism and the Military Industrial Complex (Mike Prysner)

Early 21st Century: “My name is Mike Prysner. I joined the Army and went for basic training on my eighteenth birthday in June of 2001. I was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division and in March of 2003 I was … Continue reading

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Mike Prysner’s Anti-War Speech 2010

Indiginous People’s Weekend  2019 Here is one of the most perfect speeches I’ve ever heard.  Sadly even more relevant  today than when it was delivered nine years ago. Mike Prysner’s Anti-War Speech 2010 – March Forward [3:26]:   ♠♣♠

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Happy Father’s Day DaddyLove 2019

Sunday, June 16th 2019         ♥

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Summer Reading Recommendations by Gavin & CJ

Friday, June 14th 2019       Kudos to our Literacy Coach Ms Heather and Librarian Ms. Gillis for this wonderful favorite book display.  And to their part in helping to create amazing READERS in my kids!   #KidsWhoRead ♥♥

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