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Hospital Clowning: ABCD with Dr. Gonzo

Friday, January 26th 2018 Blessed to work with Dr. Gonzo not once but twice this week!   A) KAZOO DUNNIT A seven year old boy named Jesus speaks only Spanish.  After exhausting our limited Spanish we devolve into strictly Kazoo Language, … Continue reading

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Truth Bomb Mom Raising Kids (with Disabilities)

January 23rd 2018 Disabilities or not, this is just great and very entertaining advice from two extremely talented and funny people. Tips for Raising Kids with Disabilities, from Zach Anner [4:51]:   If you haven’t seen Zach Anner before, here … Continue reading

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At Rise: No Bears

Wednesday December 27th 2017 At Rise: The Four O’s are driving deep into the snowy countryside of Maine to go “camping” in a yurt. CJ: I sure hope there aren’t any grizzly bears there! Mom: Woah! I didn’t even think … Continue reading

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Christmas 2017

Monday, December 25th 2017 Christmas from morning ’til night, complete with Grandpa Pops, Jane Ann, Mom & Amanda’s new home, and wonderful family news! 2017-12-25 CIRCUSKITCHEN CHRISTMAS 2017 [2:39]:  

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At Rise: Favorites

Wednesday, November 15th 2017 [Mom is climbing under boy’s blanket with him for bedtime snuggles.] Boy:  I love you so much! Mom:  I love you so much too!  And furthermore… *pfffft.*  That’s how you know you’re my favorite; because I … Continue reading

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Hospital Clowning: Workshop Day

October 16th-18th 2017 Was SO looking forward to the first workshop day with my new hospital clown team mates.  And it WAS wonderful.  And I LOVE them.  Especially every single one of them! And our team therapist, and most of … Continue reading

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#TakeAKnee: It’s Not About Veterans or the Flag

Take it from a (white) four star general:    This WWII Vet:    This patriot:    These solidiers:   This radical concept:   Or my favorite quote about the whole issue:       

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