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AT RISE: I Dissent

Tuesday, October 27th 2020 AT RISE: Mom comes into the Distance Learning Environment (homeschool area) wearing her new RBG “I Dissent” shirt, with hair and makeup more put together than usual. DAUGHTER: Oo-ooh! You look nice! How come you’re all … Continue reading

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Small Victory: ByeDon Signs for Our Condo

Saturday, October 17th 2020 This is a big deal because it’s the first time our condo community of 14 families has displayed a political message of any kind, not to mention that message is one big fat beautiful and dignified … Continue reading

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Answer to Dystopian Novel: October 9th Edition

Friday, October 9th 2020 Now this is just plain mean!* ————————————————- Donald Trump came for Steve Schmidt (founder of the Lincoln Project) on Twitter this morning. This is Steve’s reply: “You’ve never beaten me at anything. This is our first … Continue reading

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Friday, September 18th 2020 No. I can’t. And f#ck &itch McConnell btw, all the way to to an extremely painful, unending suffering. (But that hell actually existed). OMG OMG WTF OMG RBG. A morsel of comfort; my son tells me … Continue reading

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Happy 12th Birthday ZAIDA

Sunday, September 13th 2020 For our dear friend Zaida’s birthday, we had the pleasure of making her a *Covid* themed piñata; an emoji in need of a haircut on one side, Caronavirus on the other. 😷 💥 😹 The sushi … Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Ferry

Retro Date: August 14th 2020 Happy Anniversary Wove! 💕

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Homeschool Snapshot: 3rd Grade Research

Monday, May 18th 2020 . Wearing headphones, ClaraJane researches one of the United States -Ohio- on the family Chromebook while typing her answers on the school-issued Chromebook.  . . She is innovative.  And we are blessed with these resources. ♠♠

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Covid-19: This Lady Nails It

April 2020 What We Should All Be Doing Right Now!  [3:37]   I especially love when she reminds me that baking a cake counts for “Math, Science AND Art.” ♠

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Blue April Fool

Wednesday, April 1st 2020   I know the news is not good for our health these days,  but I don’t know how to NOT gaze upon it.  By 8:30am this morning I am about cooked.  That orange fucking narcissist in … Continue reading

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Quarantine UkeOke #15 – I Hung My Head

Saturday, March 28th 2020         Song:  I Hung My Head By:  Sting . . . 2020-03-28 Quarantine UkeOke #15 – I Hung My Head [4:50]: . .           ♥

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