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Blue April Fool

Wednesday, April 1st 2020   I know the news is not good for our health these days,  but I don’t know how to NOT gaze upon it.  By 8:30am this morning I am about cooked.  That orange fucking narcissist in … Continue reading

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Quarantine UkeOke #15 – I Hung My Head

Saturday, March 28th 2020         Song:  I Hung My Head By:  Sting . . . 2020-03-28 Quarantine UkeOke #15 – I Hung My Head [4:50]: . .           ♥

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The Corona King

March 2020 As we wonder how it got to be this way… Coronavirus in America timeline, all actual quotes by Donald Trump (NOT including all of the quotes where he calls the virus a hoax and fake news). January 22: … Continue reading

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Darling Daughter: Despair and Delight

Friday, January 3rd 2019 That time when Australia is burning and the illegitimate fascist Liar-in-Chief is fomenting war in the Middle East and your house is trashed and your foundations are slipping, but you are a mom and your most … Continue reading

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OHIO Visit – Thanksgiving 2019

November 27th-30th 2019   2019-11-30 OHIO Visit with Oberhausers & Fincks [5:25]:   *      *      *      *      *   2019-11-29 FARMHAUSER Night at Pete & Anna’s [3:07]:      *      *  … Continue reading

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Fake Band Names

Because there must be a repository (to be populated…):   •  Puppy Butt •      

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Election Day – Crazed and Confused

Tuesday, November 5th 2019 Driving my daughter to school today we pass the public park at Cambridge Common and what do I see but my new Homeless Buddies, Victor and Michael.  And because I had just picked up some new … Continue reading

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