UkeOke: Oh Opossum by Jenny the Juggler

Monday, March 1st 2021


Hosted a show today (TBA), and wrote a song about oh, opossums.

Here it go. (o:


2021-03-01 Oh Opossum by Jenny the Juggler [2:01]:



OH OPOSSUMS by Jenny the Juggler

Opossum oh opossum I think you’re so great

Thank you for all of those ticks you just ate

Some people don’t like you because you eat trash

But you’re so unique that to me you’re first class


Opossum Oh opossum I thought you were small

But today in the exam room you weren’t small at all

You’re bigger than a rabbit, smaller than a pig

And you were so brave that your heart must be big


Wait there’s more

Opossum oh Opossum how did you get here

Your name says Virginia, not Massachusetts dear

Is that why your ears and your tail have no fur

Ya need hat and mittens if you gonna live her


Opossum Oh opossum I think you’re so cute

How could I be scared of someone who eats fruit

I’ve heard unkind folks say you’re ugly or mean

But you’re the best mar-supial that I’ve ever seen

OH… you’re the best marsupial that I’ve ever seen.


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1 Response to UkeOke: Oh Opossum by Jenny the Juggler

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Give that lady a GRAMMY!
    Pretty damn cute, I say.

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