2021 CPAC National Anthem – No Key Left Behind

March 2nd 2021


Astonishing. Breathtaking really. Here is how our national anthem sounds at a Nazi Superspreader event.

See for yourself.


CPAC National Anthem FAIL by larry goldings [2:22]:


And believe it or not, this next guy actually makes the whole thing worth watching again. Please check him out:


2021 CPAC National Anthem by Kevon Carter:

Sing it like you want to 🙌🏽😁 #NoKeyLeftBehind


And some of these YouTube comments though:


joe hundertmark2 “All Keys Matter” – GOP

Brian W The Star Strangled Banner

JaeMonet I had no idea Z-sharps and Q-flats were real. She taught me something today.

Ted Williams Let her keep messing this up, because if she sings “lift every voice” I’m going to fight her.

mmessi72 Kevon this was literally just you showing how skilled you are…. you made it almost….ALMOST bearable.

bart bodine That man is a musical genius! How da hell did he follow that plane crash.

JohnAmick When she told them she could sing it in any key, she wasn’t kidding.

AndreasMSchroeder And they said Kaepernick disrespected the anthem.

Nathaniel Dowell This is the musical equivalent of conservative commentators giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.

David Wallace, Jr. “What key are you in?” “YES!”

Mee Mee Her rendition tells me all I need to know about this event.

CurlyFry311 “Yeah switch it up” is going to be my new ring tone.

Evy! Staying in key is a liberal conspiracy.

Adam Finkel And now, direct from The Handmaid’s Tale, Francis Scott Ofkey!

AmethystEyes She looked around as she sang that “free” note, as she was expecting people to clap for her like people do with GOOD singers.

Shawna Keating The little gasp at the end of “free” kills me cause it’s like her body is saying “that was NOT it”


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