Homeschool Headmistress: Remembering to Practice

Monday, March 1st 2021

ClaraJane practicing cursive.


Today’s parenting triumph in the Distance Learning Environment is *remembering* -finally- that Young Miss has *asked* us to remind her to practice her cursive.

And how.

What are the three things kids need again?

Love, Expectations, Purpose?

Hell I don’t know. I’ve only been a mom for like 13 years or something. I’ll figure it out eventually. Maybe even in this lifetime.

But for these few minutes I revel in her Purpose.

And her prattle.

“Wait, that’s upper case. Why is it upper CASE? And lower CASE? Why would there be a CASE against letters? Letters are the best!  Letters form words, and words are the best. [Pause.] Not violence.”


And just like that, she’s off to her next “meet” for school.

Music for now. Joyful noise. On recorder no less.

And also: “Look!! It’s Mr. Mooney’s cat! His cat’s name is ‘Hamilton.’ Mr. Mooney just. said, ‘Hamilton get off the piano!'”


Mr. Mooney and Hamilton


That’s right Hamilton.

Stay off the piano!


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