Adventures in Food: An Offer I Can’t Refuse

Sunday, February 28th 2021


Boy *insists* on making me Breakfast in Bed this morning!

When he first offers, I say “Thank you but I’d rather get up and come be with the family.”

He says, “No I just really like feeding you!”

He brings me his biggest pillow and promises coffee.

I don’t really want to eat in bed OR alone. In fact I’m not even hungry yet.

But obviously I capitulate.

Er… cat-pitulate.



And just like that, I’m no longer alone.

Even if my Boy’s play is but a ploy to keep me occupied so he can spend more time on the computer, it’s very well executed.

Talk about an offer you can’t refuse.

Love you Boy!


PS: Yes Gavin prepared everything himself, including the waffles made with the waffle iron from his grandma. ChefDaddy isn’t even here this morning because he’s out… shopping for more food!


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