Just Saying… and Adventures in Food

Sunday, February 14th 2021

It’s worth noting that I am spoiled and also had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

It starts when I run head first into this lovely man, sporting two drinks that are, well, red.

Shucks he even made little hearts out of red peppers. Oh! And grits with poached eggs, bacon and all the fixins.



As if for a special treat, the kids decide to play a video game (Minecraft), together!

Gavin lets CJ use his computer

You know you got a good brother there, letting you use his computer like that.

Somehow “Screen Time” doesn’t seem so bad when it’s a shared experience they’re creating.


Later on, rest assured that “Trying to beat mom in Backgammon” is more fun than it looks like they’re having in this photo:

Daddy & CJ team up against Mamma

Our *home* is even feeling more functional and beautiful than trashed these days… especially if you don’t look at my desk (seen partially covered in the background, next to the “fire” we’re playing on TV lol).


And since I am blogging this on Monday, allow me to share the scrumptiousness “Nurse Paul” just brought me in bed this morning;

Coffee, ibuprofen, and a bowl full of beans with “baked” eggs, grated cheese, avocado, diced onion, ground pepper, Cholula, and toasted Iggy’s sourdough bread. I messed up the presentation by gobbling several spoonfuls before I even thought to take the photo.


I’m fine; just out of shape and threw out my back apparently “breathing while middle aged.”

So I’m in bed like a big baby, with the TENS Unit on.

And also my other nurse on.

Peter Parker reports for duty.


Meanwhile it’s hella quiet in the other room where my kids’ screens are also on.

What can I do but concede.

And remit my gratitude for the innumerable blessings.

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