CJ’s Valentine Tour

Sunday, February 14th 2021

ClaraJane waits to give her friend a card


One advantage about losing all your work to the pandemic is more time for the kids.

On this day we manage to drive our daughter around town to bring Valentines to a few friends.

ClaraJane with Lucia, Ofelia and Helene, respectively.


What a striking elixir it is to see actual humans that you know and like, in the flesh.

At one point she even got to join a wild game of “Dress Up.”

It almost feels normal.

Check out this adorable time lapse from Ofelia’s mom.

2021-12-14 CJ Dress Up Time Lapse [0:05]:


I even got to see *my* mom. (We held our breath to take off masks for the photo, lol.)

And my amazing sister Amanda.


Violet wasn’t home, but we got to see her awesome Mom Jenny.

And though I find myself unrecognizably anti-social as a result of this pandemic, this makes me miss other friends we haven’t seen lately too.

I will end here for now before I get overwhelmed thinking about other folks I also miss, or fantasizing about the parties we cannot currently have.

So for now, just Happy Valentine’s Day.

On ice for now.



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1 Response to CJ’s Valentine Tour

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Thanks for sharing the tour! And including me among your stops!!

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