The Tonic of Walden Ice

Sunday, March 7th 2021

ClaraJane Saunters on Walden Pond

Unable to tolerate another day around the house, I insist we go out into nature *somewhere.*

Being big dumb novices with no planning, I choose an easy target; walk around Walden Pond.

Daddy contracts a sudden bout of “Middle Aged Man with Back,” and we sympathetically leave our fallen soldier behind.

Once there, we find the trail too icy for our circumnambulation.

But the pond itself icy enough for untold discoveries!


2021-03-07 Walden Ice [0:52]:


The fresh air, sunshine and beauty refreshes my soul.

One the drive home, Boy describes feeling a mix of “happy” and “content.”

Girl concurs.

Daddy is inducted into the Thoreau Sauntering Society.

And I agree with Henry David:


We need the tonic of wildness.



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