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At Rise: Patient, Hungry Boy

Saturday, December 21st 2019 At Rise: The Oberhausers are out to a fancy restaurant with cousins and Pops. The orders are in and no food has yet hit the table. Daddy: [nibbling the tiny garnish off the bamboo skewer from … Continue reading

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ClaraJane Rapunzel Goldilocks

December 24th 2017 For Christmas Eve day this year I surprised ClaraJane with what is now her second annual hair salon experience, encapsulated here in 18 seconds. 2017-12-24 CJ PRINCESS HAIR [18 seconds]:   Be still my heart and oh … Continue reading

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Our Revolution: Friendly Neighborhood Politicians

Monday, October 23rd 2017 I went to the rally to slake the parched chokehold of desperation in the desert of what is our currently horrifying Chump-inspired global political climate.   And to get a better sense of our City Council candidates before … Continue reading

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Cambridge Affordable Housing Hearing

Tuesday, February 28th 2017 My dearest Oksana, this scintillating post is especially for you. Here is some of what I found at the City Hall hearing about this clause potentially exempting current development projects from having to include 20% as … Continue reading

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Resistance in the Democracy House

Saturday, February 11th 2017   The middle of my action-packed Saturday entailed my first ever official business at this intriguing little building nestled inconspicuously in the middle of Harvard Square:  The Democracy House. I mean Center. After recently becoming aware of … Continue reading

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My First Town Hall Meeting – Cambridge MA

Wednesday, February 8th 2017 On this day, after Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to approve Barf-Betsy De-fucking-Vos for Destruction of Education Secretary… and Turkey Dick Mouth Mitch McConnell “silenced” our fair indomitable Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading … Continue reading

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DaddyLove Hubsand – Ice Skating Edition

Monday, February 6th 2017 DLove surprised us after school today by suddenly taking us ICE SKATING. I am struck by the contrast to the man I was married to a few years back who was reeling from chemo and whose … Continue reading

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$1,000 Day-Date with My Daughter

Monday, August 1st 2016 Over the weekend ClaraJane had Daddy help her count and organize all the money around the house she could get her hands on.   $22.31 to be exact, and she is *dying* to take it to … Continue reading

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ClaraJane’s (Almost 5th) Birthday Walk

Monday, June 13th 2016   School will be out when she turns five so we celebrated a month early in class today. Paul and I are invited into the Montessori classroom to participate in morning announcements, followed by some mindfulness breathing … Continue reading

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School Garden Kids

April 29th 2016   Since as a mother it’s my #1 aim to cultivate the legacy of a *relationship* between my son and daughter, I collect evidence they get along like nuggets of gold.   So I enjoyed spying on them … Continue reading

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