My First Town Hall Meeting – Cambridge MA

Wednesday, February 8th 2017


On this day, after Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to approve Barf-Betsy De-fucking-Vos for Destruction of Education Secretary…

and Turkey Dick Mouth Mitch McConnell “silenced” our fair indomitable Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading the letter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s widow, Coretta Scott King, about the racist legal persecution practices of our since confirmed Attorney General, Jeff fucking KKK Sessions…

I made it to my first ever Town Hall Meeting!  Maybe not a big deal, but yet a single step on my quest to understand HOW the hell everything works and WHAT -specifically- else I can do to help effect a positive impact against the horror show coming out of Washington (D.C.).


Here is MA State Rep. Marjorie Decker addressing the crowd, and our Cambridge City Mayor Denise Simmons in a red hat a couple seats over from me:

After some Q&A we broke into groups to more specifically determine what everyone’s interests and desires are.  Mine is to find an ACTION GROUP to work with in REAL LIFE instead of mostly just solo online all the time.


In celebration of my first time meeting each of them I decided to not be shy about asking for the proverbial selfie with each of my State Representatives, Marjorie Decker and Mike Connolly respectively, for whom I am glad I was able to say I voted.

Look Mom; Two of our State Representatives!

Mr. Connolly (had more time to talk and) was very kind, recognized my name from Facebook and when I asked him about meeting Bernie Sanders backstage in Boston (on the book tour Paul and I got to see), he professed it to be “possibly the greatest moment of my life.”  And I have now officially shaken a hand that shook Bernie’s. ♥

Here they are back in November:


Mike Connolly with Bernie in Boston 11/20/16

Slowly I am learning more about how our legislative representation works, starting locally:

Mr. Connolly even asked me about my blog (ahem), but of course you as reader know I am but a hack!  So instead I turn to his blog:

And as I await Marjorie Decker’s summary of the resources we generated in the Town Hall Meeting, here are 15 wonderful minutes of this infectious guy sharing what he believes in:

2016-12-03 The Next Four Years: Issues Panel [1:13:34]: 

Thank you Representative Connolly!

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