Ambivalent Activism – Town Hall Meeting #2

Wednesday, March 1st 2017

I wasn’t going to write about my second Town Hall Meeting in Cambridge last night, from fear of Boring the Blog.  But then some cool stuff happened.


When I raised my hand to ask a clarifying question about best practices for contacting representatives, *my* State Representative – Marjorie Decker– not only called on me by name, had the panel answer the question (mixed opinion on efficacy of hand written letters vs. emails), she then said into the microphone, “And I’d like to personally thank YOU, if I may, do you mind?”  I shrugged in openness and not knowing to what she was referring.  Then she said, “As some of you may know Jenny is ‘Jenny the Juggler,’ and she brings a lot of joy to families in our community, and I think we really need that right now so I personally want to thank you.  I’ve known you in the community from afar for a while and you’ve known me from afar so I just wanted to say that.


Needless to say          I was surprised.

So I blushed, nodded and sat down.


Towards the end I learned about a new group called CAST: Cambridge Area Stronger Together.   I met engaged neighbors who were cool and welcoming.

2017-03-01 19.42.06.jpg

New C.A.S.T. friends Maura, Peter & Pamela

When they started sharing how proud they were of their efforts to elect the late Hillary Clinton for president, I came up against my own difficulties in forgiving her for;  1) rigging the primary away from Bernie last year in Philly, 2) running a campaign that resulted in the election of this motherfucking SCROTUS we have now, 3) disappearing after the general election altogether (which is why I refer to her as the “late” Hillary Clinton, R.I.P.), and 4) for being a corporatist Republican-light in the first place.


Yes I partly blame Clinton for this unthinkable travesty.

BUT, just as with the current division and ineffectiveness of our Democrats in CONGRESS, we citizens are going to need to work together.  I suppose I have a lot to learn from these CAST guys.  (Like, HRC is actually “really progressive because she was the first presidential candidate to utter the phrase ‘LBGTQ’ in her concession speech in 2008.”   I’m like, that is great, but how much does that have to do with her campaign in 2016?!)

My cast friend also referred to that tired argument that Bernie is not really a Democrat.  And that really riles me.  I don’t personally really care WTF PARTY you are affiliated with; I care about what VALUES you are fighting for, and the METHODS you use.

Bernie not for sale.jpg

Yes I am unapologetically #BernieForever.                         He can have my heart and my $27 any day.


As we left the meeting I noticed several boxes of pizza leftover.  So I grabbed one to distribute to any of the ubiquitous destitute around Mental Central Square I would inevitably encounter.  I had a weird feeling when we all said goodbye and I wondered if they thought I taking pizza for myself.   I also had a weird feeling when I saw the three of them all walking down the street together after I thought they all said goodbye to each other in my presence. (?)  So I paused instead to take in the beauty of our City Hall shining in the night.



There was actually a musician performing on the sidewalk in Mental Central Square!  He had already eaten thank you but was appreciative of my praise for trying to busk here.  It did not take long to find two homeless guys flying high and hanging at the bus stop.  Woo-wee were they psyched for free pizza.  After being adorned by their colorful (if odiferous)  praise as a certifiable angel from heaven -lol- I walked home.



So I am considering showing up for the next C.A.S.T. event; a vigil this afternoon near my old stomping grounds in the Harvard Square “pit.”   I would do this both in protest to the SCROTUS Administration and in an effort to put on my big-girl panties and start getting over my own revulsion to (gag) Hillary-ites.


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.26.49 PM.jpg

C.A.S.T. Mission

(Der.  Who m’I kidding.  We share the same goals.  And the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Right!?)

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3 Responses to Ambivalent Activism – Town Hall Meeting #2

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Among other things, politics is the art of the possible and power is almost never idealogically pure. We have to play the hand we’re dealt. Currently it’s an abysmal hand, SCROTUS the TODDLER is president and he seems to have gotten back on his meds and taken his course in remedial reading. This just makes him all the more dangerous. He revealed in the first month in office who he is and what he wants to be — a right-wing dictator who disables established U.S. government and divides the populace into those he likes and those he doesn’t, woe betide those he doesn’t. Whatever has to be swallowed to effectively RESIST and PERSIST in this NATIONAL EMERGENCY, I’m afraid it’s our job to swallow it.

  2. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    My niece! Jenny the Juggler! Awesome!

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