Cambridge Affordable Housing Hearing

Tuesday, February 28th 2017


Citizens checking in to a Zoning Ordinance Hearing at Cambridge City Hall’s Sullivan Chamber 

My dearest Oksana, this scintillating post is especially for you.

Here is some of what I found at the City Hall hearing about this clause potentially exempting current development projects from having to include 20% as affordable housing.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not experienced with legal language or economic finance language.

BUT, the way I understand it, the city has promised the current development at North Point they would only need to include about 9% affordable housing.  The debate seems to be whether that is still negotiable or not.

Our State Rep. Mike Connolly believes it IS.

The LAWYER LADY (?City Solicitor Nancy Glowa) designated to interpret the details during the hearing seemed to be arguing that it is -basically- not.

Also of note, I was personally alarmed when it was suggested (a couple weeks ago by fellow concerned citizens) that the REASON 6 of our 9 City Councilors do not seem motivated to fight for the maximum amount is due to favors owed in return for CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS by the developer!  (Shocking I know.)

The ones on our side are reputed to be:  Jan Devereaux, Dennis Carlone and Nadeem Mazen.

Here is the rest of the information I was able to gather for you at this hearing:




Finally my love, I want you to know that when I called Mike Connolly’s office afterwards, his intern Chris was very receptive, informed and helpful.  (“Mr. Connolly is as involved in this municipal issue as is legally permissible for a state representative.”)

He encouraged us to email Mr. Connolly and let him know our interest in helping his efforts on this issue!

Besos y buena suerte!  ♣

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