Dick McConnell – Repugnican Majority Scumbag

February 8th 2017


Mitch McConnell, Repuglican Majority Leader


Although I prefer shining light on the positive, here I will make a profound exception so we can just all take a moment to appreciate what a profound fucking douche bag this asshole really is.  Maybe that language is too strong?  Instead perhaps we can just euphemistically agree,”total dick,”  which I in no way mean hyperbolically.

Like for example, this expose on his fully immersive relationship with lobbyists:

“More Money Than I Could Count”: Mitch McConnell’s Very Special Relationship With Lobbyists – by Mother Jones OCT. 17, 2014

Or, say:

Dickipedia:  Mitch McConnell [3:48]: 


And no I am not attempting a nonpartisan view here.  If you find yourself in defense of this man you obviously; A) are on his team, B) enjoy a privileged lifestyle untainted by annoying concern for the less fortunate, and C) share the same disregard for the disenfranchised that he does.  In that case you’re probably not reading this so you’re not going to get offended anyway!

For the rest of us, please enjoy.

What I think about when watching Senator Mitch McConnell Speak [11 seconds]: 


And in case there is any question as to what the Repugnican Majority did with Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions after hearing the many entreaties against him on account of his lifelong career in racist policies…



And although LATE TO THE GAME, I just sent my first-ever letter to an elected official.  Looks like I’m starting at the bottom -the asshole to be exact- and will have to work my way UP.



Happy Valentine’s Day!





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6 Responses to Dick McConnell – Repugnican Majority Scumbag

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Go for it. I am telling my right sided trump supporters that trump is going to be able to do the impossible if he keep doing what he is doing and that is to make Obama look like a great president. Love to all

    • Oh Pops! I did not enjoy defecating on my own beloved blog, but sometimes things must be said. I am thankful for your communion on this journey in these crazy times!

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    McConnell doesn’t just LOOK like a reptile. (Apologies to the snakes and lizards.)

  3. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Happy Valentimes Day.

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