Nevertheless She Persisted

Tuesday, February 7th 2017



What an iconic battle cry that shitbag has given us!

Never did I imagine the galling scumbag whom Gavin and I agree must be a “human turtle-turkey with a fat man’s neck” would become the source of inspiration of any kind.

Here is the moment, where our beloved Senator Elizabeth Warren, invoking the words of the late Coretta Scott King in opposition to fucking Jeff Sessions as a candidate for becoming a federal judge back in 1986, is shut down by shit-breath testicle-neck himself:

Sen. McConnell Refuses to Let Sen. Warren Speak About Attorney General Nominee Sessions [1:07]: 


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.31.42 AM.jpg

And historically, he goes on to moronically utter these indelible words:

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Neverthless she persisted [10 seconds]:




Such a gift.  I do believe I’m going to send that mother fucker a Valentine Card, thanking him for it.  For the reminder of our strength and will to persist with our resistance to the overall GOP Agenda.


She was warned.


NOT TO MENTION… four other (good, Democratic) senators stood up and ALSO read Mrs. King’s letter… to NO OBJECTION from the right.  That people are astonished as to WHY they would allow the others to read it and not Warren… it is strange to have to remind them of the obvious fact that when the 4 other senators were reading, the LIPS THEY WERE FLAPPING WERE NOT FEMALE.   That is the only difference.

To wit, here is my BF Bernie Sanders both condemning the silencing of Warren for reading this letter, then going on to read the damn letter.

Bernie Sanders Reads Scott King Letter, Calls Warren’s Silencing ‘Incomprehensible’ [2:08]: 



And neither Elizabeth Warren nor any other of the badass women who rise up -like the 3+ million participants in the WOMEN’S MARCH- will stand down or be silenced.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Being Silenced: The Daily Show [5:51]: 






Needless to say, she was not silenced.  On the contrary:



Perhaps my mom has been trying to get me to appreciate the feminist movement all my life.  I have been blessed to enjoy so many freedoms she has not, and have probably spent most of my life taking them for granted.  Before this election cycle I never considered myself a “feminist” exactly.  But now I finally understand that because I simply believe in equal rights and opportunity for all people regardless of color, socioeconomic status, whom you love or GENDER, that makes me radical AF, a “Progressive,” and yes among other things I am a FEMINIST.

Just one of the many reasons I will continue wearing my “pussy(cat) hat” for the duration of this resistance.

And when it gets too warm for winter hats, you will find me wearing THIS and THIS:

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.13.44 AM.jpg

Yes, because injustice anywhere = injustice everywhere,                              we will resist and persist… for as long as it takes.


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