Feeling the Bern in Boston with Bernie Sanders

Sunday, November 20th 2016


“Twinsie” Berners


My hero’s book -mantra and raison d’être- is called Our Revolution, a Future to Believe In.  A copy of the book was to be included in the modest $33 ticket fee to see him speak at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  But when I walked in the Performance Center, got my ticket scanned and was handed a copy of the book right then and there, I fell to pieces.  (Aka: “completely lost it,” but not the book itself.)  I just broke down crying like a little baby… while my kind husband magnanimously stood guard.



Senator Sanders took his presidential campaign experiences AND his action plan for the future and put it into a book.  Here he is in my town and does he care about book sales?  No.  He cares about the ISSUES and making sure we each bring home a written copy of his credo.  WHO DOES THAT!?!


I am Overwhelmed







HE DOES.   ==>  





Yes it brings me to tears and no I don’t apologize for how much I admire him; his work, his words, his efforts, his tirelessness, his crystal sharp view for truth and justice, his humility, his remarkable public speaking skills and humor.


Bernie Sanders at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston


Seeing him taking the stage in person for the first time after all this time also chokes me up, though I’m to hold it together a little better in the theatre than I had in the lobby.

Anyway this is not about me.  And as the good senator would be first to point out, it’s not about him either.  #NotMeUS

From WBUR:  http://www.wbur.org/politicker/2016/11/21/bernie-sanders-berklee

And here’s one of my local elected officials, State Representative Mike Connolly, one of the first “Our Revolution” candidates to get elected since Bernie founded the organization.


Mike Connolly and Bernie Sanders


Here’s the Boston Globe’s coverage FWIW: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/11/20/bernie-sanders-speaks-berklee/lk3mkNUtqYssYqC3mQEGTK/story.html

I expect to post later with my own notes from his talk, and book, and and and.

But for now STANDING ROCK is under siege… AND I gotta get to work.

Click here to petition President Obama to declare Standing Rock a National Monument!


To Be Continued…

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