ClaraJane’s (Almost 5th) Birthday Walk

Monday, June 13th 2016

2016-06-13 08.21.17

(Homemade shirt and necklace)


School will be out when she turns five so we celebrated a month early in class today.

Paul and I are invited into the Montessori classroom to participate in morning announcements, followed by some mindfulness breathing practices.  (“Ocean Breath” today… lucky kids; lucky society!)  Then ClaraJane introduces her special guests; “This is my mom.  And this is my dad.”

A symbolic Sun is placed in the middle of the circle and ClaraJane carries an Earth globe around the perimeter as we sing her a little song. 


2016-06-13 08.11.26-1

ClaraJane carries Earth around the Sun


After each revolution we stop and reflect at what she was like at each year, starting at zero:

2011-07-11 Bringing CJ Home (25)

The Original CJ on her actual day of birth


The Peace Rose is then passed around the circle as each student shares birthday wishes to ClaraJane and says something kind.  There was much adieu about her “headband,” which I picked up at the dollar store last night ‘specially:

2016-06-13 08.15.44-1

Oliver can’t seem to take his eyes off it


Mommy and Daddy also share our birthday thoughts.  Here is Daddy -in his Chef whites from the kitchen downstairs- telling ClaraJane how much he loves seeing her every day at Breakfast and at Lunch:


Yes yes, my kids have the BEST DAD IN THE WORLD; he COOKS (and cleans and does laundry and loves us all so very well thank you), BUT what about SNACK!??   

THAT my dears, is under MY purview:

2016-06-13 08.24.17-1

Dolphin banana grapes


As you plainly see, the greatest virtue of this snack for school is that it is… GLUTEN FREE.  (No I don’t know what “gluten” is so don’t ask.  But I’m certain I didn’t add any to the grapes or bananas.)

Ms. KariAnne did not hesitate to list them sur le Menu du Jour:

2016-06-13 08.24.48-1

Written in English and Art


She even posted it on Facebook:

2016-06-13 09.20.16


To be clear, today is NOT about the snack, it’s not.  It was just so fun to make, and because of team work with Daddy on shopping and his incomparable Sous-Chef ClaraJane on plucking and washing the grapes, it was *EASY.*   Still not practical for every day purposes so all the more special.

Special like our spectacular big little girl, the one like no other, “La Plus Grande Petite Fille du Monde.”

2016-06-07 07.07.15-1

Love you to pieces ClaraJane!




















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1 Response to ClaraJane’s (Almost 5th) Birthday Walk

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Oooohhh, I am kerflumpt. This is just so wonderful in every way!

    One, how did you keep that big long baby in your tummy all the way to 9 months?

    Two, you are so smart to pick this man to be Daddy for your children and Hubsand to you.

    Three, I didn’t realize Victor was in ClaraJane’s class.

    Four, ClaraJane’s beaming beautiful face reflecting her joy in being Birthday Girl, or Earth-Walks-Around-the-Sun Girl, AND her own Daddy’s and Mommy’s Girl. Wearing Mommy’s hairdo, to boot, along with the indescribable “headband”, ClaraJane Marguerite Oberhauser necklace, and customized five y/o shirt.

    Five, the Dolphin Snacks are *brilliant* and unspeakably original. And DOLPHIN-LIKE!

    Six, I’m so happy children are still allowed to eat popcorn. Enjoy it while you can, kids. It will be on next year’s list of poisons, no doubt.

    Seven: GLUTEN? I do not believe in GLUTEN! It is a social construct!!!

    Eight: Thank you for sharing this wonderful event! She is indeed a fabulous big little girl!

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