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Author ClaraJane

November 21st 2017 ClaraJane chose her famous thumb smashing accident as the writing topic for her First Grade Author Celebration Day. It was a smash hit (so to speak)! 2017-11-21 Author ClaraJane [32 seconds]:

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ClaraJane – First Grade Snapshot

Wednesday, September 27th 2017   A dynamic fall so far! Come to find out ClaraJane has waxed, er… ambivalent about her literacy work in first grade.  As a new “Lower Elementary” parent I was playing wait-and-see, but there were enough … Continue reading

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ClaraJane’s 5.5th Birthday Walk

Wednesday, January 11th 2017 It was decided that our our baby’s summer birthday would be celebrated at school on her half birthday, today in January. 2017-01-11 ClaraJane’s 5.5th Birthday Walk [1:43]:    I have heard my son in lower elementary … Continue reading

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Bread and Butter Dreams

Wednesday, September 28th 2016   “Sorry guys but we are NOT going to make it for breakfast,” I say, driving the kids to school.  “How about some bread and butter?” My 5 year nods in excitement.  Pulling the butter dish … Continue reading

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Back to School 2016

September 6th-8th 2016     ClaraJane does not start for two days but all the same she DRAGGED me down the hall (from trying to say hi to other parents etc.) to go see her classroom, where she was naturally … Continue reading

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ClaraJane’s (Almost 5th) Birthday Walk

Monday, June 13th 2016   School will be out when she turns five so we celebrated a month early in class today. Paul and I are invited into the Montessori classroom to participate in morning announcements, followed by some mindfulness breathing … Continue reading

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School Garden Kids

April 29th 2016   Since as a mother it’s my #1 aim to cultivate the legacy of a *relationship* between my son and daughter, I collect evidence they get along like nuggets of gold.   So I enjoyed spying on them … Continue reading

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