The Tobin Pledge Song

Friday, February 5th 2016

TOBIN PLEDGE SONGWords by Maureen Santoro, Melody by Jennifer Oberhauser, Arrangement by Whitney Simmonds, Commissioned by John Martha-Reynolds

Tobin Pledge ROUND

Pocket mirror design for “reflection…”


After writing a melody for our school’s Tobin Pledge back in 2013, it’s been making its way into the school culture by way of being sung every day during morning announcements, available on the school website and the debut of its professional arrangement at last Spring’s Concert, complete with vocal descants and piano accompaniment.  This morning the K-4th grade students performed it again to kick off our annual Winter Concert, to the pitter patter of my swooning heart:

2016-02-05 Tobin Pledge Song in Concert [1:35]:


In addition -in reverse chronological order- here is:

7) My write up of today’s Winter Concert (Feb 2016) [pending].


6)  My write up of the last Concert in Spring of 2015.


5) The re-imagined Tobin Pledge Song’s original debut:


4)  Sound file of the technical arrangement by Whitney Simmonds, commissioned by our music teacher, Mr. John Martha-Reynolds:


3) Sheet music to the professional arrangement!


Tobin Pledge Sheet Music Page 1

Tobin Pledge Composition - Page 2Tobin Pledge Composition - Page 3


2) The original track of me singing The Tobin Pledge Song with ukulele for the school website:


1)   Finally, the first-ever debut of the Song at Back-to-School Night 2013, teaching it to parents with the help of friends Judy Bright and Lou (“Louis Henry“) Pingitore:

2013-09-12 The Tobin Pledge Song [52 seconds]:





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2 Responses to The Tobin Pledge Song

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    Nice. I’m glad Gavin sings the mom-song. Too bad about Miles!

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