Tobin Winter Concert – 2016

Friday, February 5th 2016

2016-02-05 08.00

Pre-Concert Stretches – Photo by Kyle Ramey


Selected and (totally biased) highlights from this morning’s Winter Concert at school, including closeups of possibly the two erstwhile most miserable-looking boys, our own Gavin and Miles.  (Followed by my write-up for the school paper, below).

2015-02-05 Tobin Winter Concert 2016 [4:21]:


And here are the shots I got of the boys.  First up Gavin:

2016-02-05 08.20.36

Gavin, looking… focused



2016-02-05 08.20.40

Miles, looking… somewhere else


Miles was looking forlorn beyond belief.   If there was anything ever more sad-funny than seeing Miles, despondent, mouthing words to his alleged *favorite* song -“jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride…”- I don’t know what it is.  Sorry Miles!

Here’s the write-up [pending]:



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