Spring Tea with ClaraJane 2016

Friday, April 15th 2016

2016-04-15 08.15.43-1

ClaraJane Sipping Tea

No matter the weather, you know it’s Spring at Tobin Montessori when Children’s House students are hosting SPRING TEA.

For the second year in a row, *I* am ClaraJane’s chosen “guest.”

2016-04-15 08.11.34-1

MENU:  Iced Tea, Fruit Kebabs, Spring Coockies.  ClaraJane.  Mom.


The tables are set, cookies are baked, fruit kabobs prepared, china tea cups readied and “formal attire” requested.   ClaraJane gravely greets me at the door, “Welcome to our Spring Tea,” escorting me to our table by the hand, pulls out my chair and takes my “order” from Le Menu.

2016-04-15 08.10.26-1

Serving Tea is a Serious Affair


Watching my daughter practice her Grace and Courtesy, I swoon.

2016-04-15 08.10.32-1

Here Mommy


Now for the business of elegant dining with your four year old.


Serious business.  Until she bops over to my side of the table for photos!

2016-04-15 08.23.39-1

2016-04-15 08.23.41-1

Mommy & Me

I’d thought for us to have matching braids, but in the end matching pigtails seemed the order of the day.


2016-04-15 08.25.03-1

Ms. Pat, Ms. KariAnne & Ms. Mayya stand ready by Le Buffet.


Students all around the classroom enjoy their parent or “Special Guest,” including dear friend Victor and his Daddy, Lou.

2016-04-15 08.46.05-1

Victor & Lou


In the classroom I love this poster, with each of their names on a paper hand corresponding to the rainbow of colors that make up the class:

2016-04-15 08.29.54-1

Respect yourself.  Respect your friends.  Respect your classroom.


And this:

2016-04-15 08.30.02-1


And to ClaraJane, the most prolific story teller of all;  THANK YOU for Spring Tea!

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1 Response to Spring Tea with ClaraJane 2016

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Grace and courtesy, indeed. Swoooonnnn….

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