Cambridge Science Festival 2016

Saturday, April 16th 2016

For the second year in a row we were lucky enough to buzz through the AMAZING annual Cambridge Science Festival.

2016-04-16 13.43.42

Inventor Mentor puffing the sky with clouds of bubbles


First up, some engineers demonstrate the integrity of the composition of our own Zakim Bridge using a replica made of bungee cords and FedEx boxes:

2016-04-16 12.31.112016-04-16 12.31.54

(The diagonal pull of the cables pushes the segments together, giving it far greater strength than a more traditional (vertically oriented) suspension bridge, such as the Golden Gate.)



Next up, and overview of just the indoor exhibits; far too many to visit in the time we had!

2016-04-16 12.33.26



2016-04-16 12.42.05

Enter a captionClaraJane tests the aerodynamics of a cupcake paper in a vertical wind tunnel.   

2016-04-16 12.46.02

The Science Club for Girls display features flowers in their beakers.  And for candy?  Smarties and Nerds.  (o: 















2016-04-16 12.51.07

Here is a famous experiment testing children’s sense of equity by giving them the power to decide whether they and another subject receive the candy or not by pulling the yes or no lever.  (ClaraJane pulled “yes” every time.)  (o:


2016-04-16 12.57.02

Gavin is trying out a cardboard device that turns your iPhone into a virtual reality theatre.  (I tried it and it was crazy amazing.) 

2016-04-16 13.02.27

CJ & I try out a little 3-D action of our own.  




















2016-04-16 13.15.11

Here CJ is so engrossed in building that she hears no questions or comments from the scientists watching her. 



2016-04-16 13.17.47

“What do you want to make today?”














Likewise Gavin is so engrossed in this console that he hears no comments from his mother telling him it’s almost time to go.








ClaraJane constructs a representation of life-cycle of a butterfly:

2016-04-16 13.22.40

Egg -> caterpillar -> chrysalis -> butterfly = charming and wonderful activity.


Before we can make our way out, first we encounter this adorable collection of scientists, one of whom performs a magic trick with a disappearing knot.  He explains that it’s just like our DNA, which is knotted together, except when these enzymes untie it in order to allow it to do things like replicate.  So first it’s a KNOT, then it’s NOT A KNOT.  You know?

Who knew scientists were so punny?


Breaking out into the sunshine, Gavin hesitates not at the chance to seize control of the BUBBLE GUN.

2016-04-16 13.34.39

Well maybe it’s not a gun, but in the hands of a 7 Year-Old Boy’s Boy, it is.

2016-04-16 13.34.49











From here photos can’t really capture what it’s like to have soda bottles exploding into the sky, hurling stuffed animals and raining down marshmallows thudding on the ground to the delight of scrambling children.  Or to the dismay of those like ClaraJane who can’t quite capture one on her own.

Enter Daddy into the scene, to navigate them to the potty, to food, and to the birthday party that awaits at the public pool literally NEXT DOOR to where all this is happening.  Mom is off to her movie premiere and we’ll see ya next year Science Festival, with bells on!  Or perhaps some solar-powered led lights.   And hopefully more TIME.


2016-04-16 12.34.49



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  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Bubble GuN! How punny!

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