Back to School 2016

September 6th-8th 2016


Kindergarden and Third Grade!



Cousin Miles (also 3rd Grade)!


ClaraJane does not start for two days but all the same she DRAGGED me down the hall (from trying to say hi to other parents etc.) to go see her classroom, where she was naturally greeted like a movie star.


Ms. Sandra, ClaraJane and Ms. Mayya


Ms. Mayya graciously expedited our parent-teacher meeting so I could perform the paperwork, and ClaraJane could get started on the classroom “WELCOME” poster:




A quick stop the kitchen to visit Chef Daddy of course!

♥ Any time is a good time to Hop on Pop. ♥

Then off to the coffee shop with Mom:

                                                       ♥ Cafe Monkey ♥

With our extra day before starting kindergarden, we undertake to start the school year with an unforgettable snack for the classroom:

Butterfly goldfish crackers and grapes

Now THAT was fun.  Also exhausting apparently, as I didn’t have the steam to take the kids to the annual Ice Cream Social kick off at school; the poor deprived darlings.  (I was face planted into a pillow.)

Then this morning my attempt to capture the moment ClaraJane is ABOUT TO ENTER the classroom as a kindergartner for the first time… was met with more ennui from Herself, who is actually 100% ready to rock this thing.


Can you go now?  

I know my ceaseless predilection for photos is annoying; I annoy myself!

What is NOT annoying though, is the time and space to finally sit down and play with the ensuing images.    Here by myself with coffee and wifi.

ALSO; we are healthy and well.  How fricking blessedly amazing is that??


(My heart hurts for some who are not so lucky.)

Alrighty then… time to go pick those rascals back up from the bus.

Round we go!


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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    “Do these babies have any legs?” Yes.

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