School Garden Kids

April 29th 2016

2016-04-29 13.58.21-1

School Garden


Since as a mother it’s my #1 aim to cultivate the legacy of a *relationship* between my son and daughter, I collect evidence they get along like nuggets of gold.

2016-04-29 13.58.24-1

Gavin and ClaraJane check on some herbs


So I enjoyed spying on them oh-so-subtly this particular April afternoon when they decided to check in on the City Sprouts Garden at school before heading home.


2016-04-29 13.58.34-1

Gavin tasting the Chives


In fact, Mommy was so successful at going unnoticed that they called me right over to taste the chives too.  And let me tell you there are few things so delicious as fresh young things in the garden.

And the chives weren’t bad either.


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1 Response to School Garden Kids

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Bonding over Chives! Nice! A new use for a condiment.

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