Gavin’s Grandma Z Dance

Monday, May 2nd 2016

Having turned 8, Gavin’s birthday gift from Grandma Z & Grandpa Jack in Florida is the promise of a *trip* to go VISIT them this summer… by himSELF!

He took it pretty hard.  Look:

2016-05-02 Gavin’s Going Solo [34 seconds]:


I flew as an unaccompanied minor a zillion times as a child… in the 70’s.  Looks like it’s my turn to see how it feels to be a mom on the sending or receiving end of things.  Either way, happy for our Boy.  Once we schedule it that is…

2016-05-02 GLO Grandma Z

“Details to follow” indeed!

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1 Response to Gavin’s Grandma Z Dance

  1. MaryMargaret says:

    Yes, he looks real sad about it!!!

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