Portland Mini-Vacay Getaway

April 20-22nd 2016

After my gig north of Boston on Wednesday, I met my family at the local train station as they had brilliantly commuted there so as to begin our “Vacay” sooner than later.

2016-04-20 14.54.57


Bam.  In less than two hours, we’re there.


After operating the luggage trolley for us, Gavin makes his bed (with perfectly arranged lovies atop homemade sleep sac & travel pillow) before getting down to the business of finishing the seventh and final Harry Potter book.

Other highlights include:


  • Getting beaten in Back-Gavin
  • Piece of the Berlin Wall – a reminder of tyranny
  • Bacon Cheddar donut for my Manmeat
  • Chance encounter with Aunt Liz’s champion dog’s puppy
  • Offerings and atmosphere at Central Provisions
  • Chilling (with bunny or otherwise)
  • Old Orchard Beach


2016-04-22 15.44.19

Gavin’s “Own Personal Island”


2016-04-22 14.53.57

Seaside Clarita in Hand-Pants*



And more.

2016-04-20 Portland Getaway [3:30]:


Hooray Flamly Vacay Getaway!


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