Our Revolution: Friendly Neighborhood Politicians

Monday, October 23rd 2017

I went to the rally to slake the parched chokehold of desperation in the desert of what is our currently horrifying Chump-inspired global political climate.   And to get a better sense of our City Council candidates before the election in two weeks.

I brought my son because he’s been wanting to see Bernie Sanders in person for a long time -moreover- and he is my #1 political revolutionary buddy!


First up, the #1 Our Revolution pick -and mine- Quinton Zondervan!



Next up, Jeff Santos, whom I didn’t know before he posed for a photo with my son (not shown), but whom I have since discovered is, among other things, the host of his own progressive radio show.





Next up, this officer:   “Good for you!” he told Gavin, “You literally are the future!”

2017-10-23 09.25.52

‘You AH the FYOOCHAH!”

“Are you supposed to be in school?  Well you’ll get a lot better education here today… not that you shouldn’t go to school!  But this is important too.  YOU could be president one day!”

(Even today he’d be legitimately more mature than the one we got. #bigly)


SIDE NOTE:  We made a friend in line whose name I sadly forgot.  She was awesome and sweet and I lost track of her before finding out if she’s on social media etc.   Mystery Girl if you’re out there please let me know either in the comments here or on Facebook (Jenny T Juggler).   Thx ♥!  


Once inside, we find Gavin’s doppelganger:

2017-10-23 09.35.02




This awesome woman was an actual delegate from Massachusetts at the DNC last year (no doubt undergoing the crazy times when the Clinton campaign confiscated their signs and shut off their lights & drowned out their voices etc. etc. etc.  Fun times).

2017-10-23 09.37.40

Linda Sophia Pinti, Democratic State Committee,  Middlesex & Suffolk District Representative



Here’s Nadeem Mazen, City Councilor extraordinaire!

I said, “Can I ask you a really dumb question?”  (Of course he said yes.)  “Are you RUNNING (for Cambridge City Council) again?”
He said, “No.”
“OK!  That explains why I haven’t seen anything about your campaign!  Now I don’t feel so dumb!  I’m sure you’re onto greater and brighter things; I look forward to learning about it.”
And we parted ways.

Well I looked it up and now I feel kinda dumb again; he’s running for CONGRESS! 

Duh!  Well this is great news if you ask me.  He’s always seemed amazing to me and I look forward to tracking his bid (to represent his childhood’s district, not this one, but still).



First up, my favorite State Rep. Mike Connolly introduces the most newly elected (progressive) State Rep, this wonderful guy Paul Feeney:



Next up, here are the Our Revolution Cambridge City Council endorsed Candidates!

2017-10-23 10.17.56

Dennis Carlone, Vatsady Sivonxay, Jeff Santos, Sumbul Siddiqui, Jan Devereux,                     and Quinton Zondervan

[Not shown: candidates for Somerville alderman.  Gratuitous Cambridge snub I guess!]




[Bernie’s message, next post.]


Afterwards, we track down Mike Connolly whom it almost feels like I stalk.  But friendly as ever, it was his suggestion to pose in front of the stage:



And on our way out, we managed to find Bob Massie, a progressive Democrat who is running for State Governor against our incumbent Republican Charlie Baker in next year’s election.  I am just learning about his campaign and I hope he’s got a lot of fight in him!


Whew!  And arrgh.  Back to school with ye, mighty wee barbarian!

I am honored to live in one of the most progressive, diverse, intellectual and culturally rich cities in the world.  #Cambridge  #amazeballs

Thank you for visiting, Bernie!!!


♥♥♥ Bernie Forever! ♥♥♥






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  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Love G’s outfit. Go Bernikins, Go!

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