Strange (& Blessed) Day

Or perhaps, “Strange Girl Out in her Weird Costume.”

I normally do everything I can -within reason- to avoid getting caught doing pedestrian things in my costume.  But the more of a mom I become and the busier my performing schedule becomes (thanks to my new Event Manager/Whip Cracker Sari… thank you Sari)… I guess I just did not think much of it today.  That is:

Today I was still in costume after a show but with such a full dance card for the short remainder of my day that I decided to f* it and run some impromptu errands before even going home.  There I am heading to “IParty” in hopes they have the face paint I need, when two guys in a truck stop to ask if I would like a quote on repairing the dent in my car (which, incidentally, is exactly something I would like).  Before I can even say yes, one of them goes, “OH! You took care of my boys!! You work at Polcari’s right!?” [My weekly restaurant gig.]  …”I tried to get you for my son’s birthday! But now my other son’s birthday is coming up,” etc. etc.

Fast forward half an hour and I have two guys fixing my car RIGHT THERE IN THE PARKING LOT, and my next lead for a gig in May.

MEANWHILE, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, same thing; “Do you do parties? OH!  I saw you at my daughter’s school. I tried calling you last time. Her birthday’s coming up again, can I have your card?” etc. etc.  Another lead for later this month!

On my way home I stop at Whole Foods.  At check out I get the usual, “So what do you juggle?” conversation, which is fine but not surprising.  Then someone behind asks,  “8-6-7-5-3-0-9?

LOVE IT!  So refreshing and so classic.

For any of my few dear readers who don’t already know, my costume does include a polkadot dress, striped socks, a fabulous hat and a big SIGN on my back that says, “www.Jenny the”

If you DO know me then you know I don’t like being in costume any more than necessary (b/c thankfully it is necessary so much)… but today was full of so many unexpected rewards that I have no regrets.

Other than I *just* got home and I *still* have to change and it’s *already* time to go start collecting my dern kids.

Quoting my brilliant mom:  “Life is good.  There’s just so much of it!”


[Tommy Tutone – 867-5309/Jenny, 3 mins 43 secs]

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2 Responses to Strange (& Blessed) Day

  1. Paul says:

    Love it! And I was wistfully waiting for you to come home and distract me from my work.

  2. Bubble Wow says:

    Well, I guess we know what to do if business (god forbid) slows… Dress her up and send her out. This activity needs a name. How about “TFG*.”

    Best news: They. Fixed. Your. Car. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *trolling fer gigs

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